1 Song, 1 Hour 13 Minutes


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mercurybubbles8 ,

Great album!

I love all of these albums in the Sounds of Nature series by Joe Baker. It's a simple, high quality recording with none of the extra background music or wildlife sounds, just the pure waterfall sound. I've played it before on a loop for those long days as relaxing background noise and love it.

ocean&music ,


This track is probably my favorite in the sounds of nature series besides Ocean waves. This is a pure 73 mintue recording of the majestic rushing waters of a waterfall. This is great to meditate to or just as a natural background track to listen to in the home or for sleep or in the office. The waterfall sound is without music background which makes it so much more realistic.

lv2dance ,

Great waterfall!

Like the other recordings in the series, this recording is simple. It is just 73 continuous minutes of the pure sound of a waterfall. The audio quality is superb. No other extraneous or wildlife sounds are present. There are no bird or insect sounds and there is no musical accompaniment. The sound is just that of pure falling water. Some waterfall recordings sound like hissing. This one has extreme clarity. A fade in at the start and at the finish allows smooth looping and repeat play for a whole day or night of peaceful nature sounds. This recording is great for sleep or relaxation. Other titles in the series include Mountain Stream, Babbling Brook, Wind and Rain, and Ocean Waves.

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