9 Songs, 38 Minutes

1 4:01
2 7:28
4 3:50
5 3:29
6 4:59
7 3:51
8 2:57
9 3:10

About Mel & Kim

English-born sisters Mel and Kim Appleby rose to prominence in the late '80s thanks to the producing team of Stock, Aitken & Waterman. In late 1986, Mel and Kim released their debut single, "Respectable." The song combined '80s dance-pop with Stock, Aitken & Waterman's trademark slick production. "Respectable" became a huge international success, helping to launch their debut album F.L.M. up the charts in 1987. The album produced two other singles: "F.L.M." and "Showing Out."

F.L.M. was to be the sisters' only album. In 1988, Mel was diagnosed with cancer and died of the disease early in 1990. Kim recorded a solo album in the early '90s, but it was not as successful as her work with Mel and Kim. ~ Jonathan Lewis