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Unbelieveable and great


A howling wind outside makes me feel warm and secure inside. It's hard to find a great recording of wind and rain. This one is great. The album is just one track: 73 continuous minutes of the pure sound of wind and rain. The audio quality is stunning. No other extraneous or wildlife sounds are present. There are no bird or insect sounds and there is no musical accompaniment. The sound is just that of a wind-driven rain shower. A fade in at the start and at the finish allows smooth looping and repeat play for a whole day or night of wind and rain. This album is not for everyone. Some folks do not like the sound of wind. I really like it. There are many other good recordings in this Sounds of Nature by Joe Baker series.

Wind and Rain


The sound of wind and rain is a familiar sound that soothes my mind. The constant patter of the water is a relaxing sound that puts my tense mind and body be at ease. This 73 minute recording is long enough to allow me to fall asleep and its fade in and out allows for seemless looping if you wanted to hear it all through the night, or day. This recording just like the others in this series are so great simply because of how pristine the quality of the recording is. Wind in Rain track will not leave you with buyers remorse, it is a great buy and you won't regret buying it. It rocks!

Another great album


This album is just as good as all the rest in the series. All there is is pure sound of wind and rain - nothing else that would take away from the sound. This one has worked well for repeating throughout the day.

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