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By Guided Ways Technologies Ltd

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** App Store Best of 2013 **

GTD®, XYZ and everything in between - it can handle it all. Seriously.

See and believe:

2Do lets you take a completely different approach to managing your tasks. With its extremely simple-to-use interface and a comprehensive and flexible set of powerful features, it lets you focus on what's most important to you: your life. There is no wrong way of using 2Do, and unlike other to-do apps, it won't force you in adhering to a particular task management methodology.

• Today Widget
• Action and Share Extension
• Share tasks via Email or AirDrop
• Handoff

• Create simple tasks, or checklists and projects with sub-tasks. Tasks can have notes, attachments and multiple alarms.
• Set any task to repeat using a flexible set of options.

• In addition to built-in Focus lists that allow you to conveniently view upcoming, starred or scheduled tasks, you can create multiple lists to manage and organize your tasks.
• Smart lists let you harness the true potential of 2Do using a number of search options, filters and search pre-sets. Using Smart Lists, you can create custom views of your tasks and use them to focus-in or find frequently managed tasks.
• Furthermore, related Smart lists and Lists can be grouped together using a List Group in the order you desire.

• Quickly focus on your projects and their sub-tasks and nothing else
• Access project view directly from the list view or using keyboard shortcuts
• Focus filters and sort options can be applied separately to individual projects using Project View

• Manage tags within Tag Groups.
• Easily assign tags to tasks and vice versa.
• Leverage the easy to use yet powerful integration of Tags & Smart Lists to filter on frequently managed tasks.
• Find Used vs. Unused tags with a click.

• Easily create, edit and assign locations to tasks and vice versa.
• Create powerful Smart Lists based on Locations

• Stay in sync with multiple Macs and mobile devices running 2Do using your favorite sync method: Dropbox, Reminders (CalDAV), 3rd Party CalDAV Servers (iCal, Fruux, ownCloud etc) or Toodledo.
• Using Dropbox, you can keep multiple devices in sync seamlessly. Devices can be added / removed at any time.
• Using Reminders CalDAV sync you can keep 2Do and Reminders in sync as well as create tasks using Siri.
• Unobtrusive automatic background sync supported for Dropbox, Reminders (CalDAV) and CalDAV.

• Save your thoughts as they come to you. Using a global hotkey, Quick Entry allows you to add tasks from any app or any Space.
• 2Do does it right. Quick Entry works even if 2Do was not launched or is not running in the background.

• Works just the way Quick Look does in Finder or other built-in OS X apps. Use the spacebar to zoom in and out of a task to preview notes, multi-line titles or other details attached to your tasks.

• Stay on top of your tasks with alarms and notifications. Supports Notification Center as well as a built-in notification system which works even when 2Do is *not running*.
• Set up automatic alarms for your tasks.

• Your life is a private affair. Manage it by locking out individual lists or the whole app with a single click.

• 2Do values your tasks. Periodic automatic backups are created for you which can be transferred from one machine to another or from the iOS version of 2Do to the Mac and vice versa.
• Save & restore of external backups

• Adding and editing tasks is blazing fast using in-place editors and popovers
• 2Do supports both mouse users, by offering them numerous shortcuts, as well as keyboard power-users by supporting dozens of keyboard shortcuts
• 2Do won't slow down over time

What's New in Version 2.0.1

Thank you everyone for all your amazing feedback, remarks and words of encouragement. There's nothing more rewarding than learning how the update has improved existing workflows and use cases. Our goal is to improve it further in each incremental update.

So, v2.0.1 brings you:
* NEW: Change task sort order, when manually sorting a list, by using keyboard shortcuts (Task Menu > Move Up / Down)
* NEW: Menu shortcut to quickly jump to Inbox (when GTD Inbox is enabled)
* NEW: Option added to Menu > Window > Toggle Full Screen
* NEW: Due Times that you set in 2Do now sync across iCloud / Reminders / CalDAV. 2Do is now the only app in the App Store that does this (in addition to letting you actually use due times within the app!)
* Further improvements to the CalDAV sync engine with increased compatibility with 3rd party Servers
* When sorting by priority, tasks are now grouped by their containing lists and their respective order
* Other bug fixes and stability improvements

We plan on bringing you a cool new feature in v2.1. Stay tuned!

v2.0 highlights:
We're pleased to bring to you this major refresh of 2Do, brought to all our existing users free of cost! No strings attached. We took a lot of time and care to update every aspect of this app, all over again. We really hope you love it as much as we loved preparing it.

Everything is more fluid, refined and fresh. From the way you edit your tasks, to search, to basic usability workflows - we've taken all your incredible feedback and turned it into more lines of code and stunning pixels.

* New features for Yosemite: Action Extension, Sharing options (AirDrop, Message, Email etc), Share Extension, Handoff (coming soon to iOS) and an incredibly useful Today Widget that lets you assign a custom list
* Support for a GTD Inbox, as a default collection list
* Improved Task Editor and the List picker
* Improved Date picker
* Support for Durations in Dates. Set a duration along with a Due Date to cause Tasks to appear in Today sooner.
* New editor for assigning Actions (Call, Email, Visit, Browse etc).
* New editor for assigning and creating Locations
* Utility Panel with both Tags and Locations. Add and assign locations to your tasks.
* New and improved Project View. Easier to toggle between Project View and normal list view by selecting a sub-task or a project
* Overhauled Background Sync
* 3rd party CalDAV sync, including support for popular 3rd party services such as Fruux and ownCloud
* New Search capabilities. The search options screen has been updated to include a visual rule-builder. Create complex searches, or manually control how you wish to join search criterias using brackets and logical AND and OR. Some examples:

type: (alltasks OR overdue OR inprogress) AND hiprio
type: (medprio OR hiprio) AND inprogress
type: ((today OR tomorrow) AND (!repeat OR inprogress)) OR starred

Also, you can combine 'type:' and 'tags:' together now:

type: (medprio OR hiprio) AND inprogress tags: (home AND work) OR errands

And of course, you can throw in locations too:

type: hiprio AND inprogress tags: home locations: diyshop OR tesco

You can also negate tag searching by prepending a tag name with !

tags: !home OR work

The possibilities are endless. No other app gives you this much power and control over your tasks.

* New keyboard shortcuts for moving tasks, jumping to a list and more. Simply hit 'J' on the keyboard and type a few characters to quickly jump to a list or project. Select multiple tasks and hit 'M' to move.
* New and improved Font scaling
* New and powerful URL schemes. Check it out:
* New preferences and options to customize the app
* Performance improvements throughout the app

And a LOT more. We took great care to make our existing users feel right at home with this update, whilst improving every aspect of the app.


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Customer Reviews

Goes from Strength to Strength

I started using 2Do on my iPhone three or four years ago and found it to be, at once, easy to use but incredibly robust once you became familiar with its many features. Each iteration got better and better and about 9 months ago I added the desktop version. With this latest version of the destop application Guided Ways Technology has created a solid, reliable, seamless and robust task manager. If you are a student of David Allen's “Getting Things Done” approach to task management you will find 2Do especially satisfying to use. It even creates an special “inbox” in line with the GTD approach to task management. 2Do syncs reliably across my desktop, iPhone and iPad. The only missing feature I would add is the ability to drag an email from the Apple Mail application onto a reminder’s list and have that reminder link to the email. This works with Apple’s bundled “Reminders” application but not with 2Do.

2Do is Great App That Keeps Improving!

I have been using 2Do both on my iPhone and my MacBook Pro, and it is a well designed, highly functional, stable organizational app that I use daily. Its basic functions are quickly learned, but it has depth and flexibilty of which I become more aware as I use it. I’m sure it can do much more even than I know now. I use it for organizing varying tasks and projects. The developers have given me prompt and kind assistance when I needed it. The only request that I have is that the Search function be tweaked to more fully comply with Boolean Logic so searches can be accomplished more easily and accurately. I’m sure they will do this soon since I’ve seen many improvements being made in the app. I want to thank the developers for this great app.

2Do gets it done again!

I was not pleased with Guided Ways' first IOS 8 update for 2Do, as I found the interface less intuitive. Thankfully, I was proven wrong. While the updates were a bit buggy at first due to minor syncing hiccups, Guided Ways has their act together once again. 2Do is absolutely beautiful, incredibly useful, and thus has consistently earned a spot in my top 5 apps list. If you are new to 2Do, I suggest reading their excellent guide and you will be a pro in no time. I normally balk at expensive applications, but unlike some app developers, at least this team provides great updates without charging at every turn, which seems to be an extremely rude and offputting trend as of late. In my opinion, 2Do is the best “To-Do” app out there, and believe me, I’ve tried them all!

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Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

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