3D Model Maker lets you create virtual 3D models in your computer. You can create anything your imagination can think of. (Not limited to simple cubes or blocks like some apps!) It uses meshes of polygons just like they used in Toy Story.
It uses the 3DS file format which is compatible with lots of professional software like Autodesk 3D Studio, Maya, AutoCAD and Blender. This means you can create your models on the move on your tablet or PC and import them later into the 3D package of your choice.
Use tools like "extrude", "subdivide", "smooth", "pull" and many more to create your 3D objects. Move the individual vertices around or move select multiple vertices with the box select tool.
Paint the faces different colors. Rotate the 3D shapes at any angle or choose from a list of views.

* 3D modelling
* Painting
* UV maps
* Mesh primitives: Cube, sphere, cone, cylinder, torus

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2.6 out of 5

9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Great for modeling on the go, But...

Random Profile

This is a relatively cheap software that will let you create, edit, and save 3D models on the go.
If you hook up your phone or tablet to a computer, you can export the files you made for refinement in a more, professional program. You can also import meshes, although I don't see why you would want to do that, because the models this program makes are hard to keep even.

Now, this program is great and all, but there are a couple of pros and cons you will need to know:

+Program is simple to use, and can be easily be used to create and alter meshes on the go.
+Program offers universal OpenGL type renders with recognizable modes.
+Program allows edit of faces and vertices
+Program has a high quality smoothing method for meshes.
+Paint and UV map objects
+Interface colors are customizable for optimal use

-Program has no undo button
-Navigation is difficult, and will leave you in odd angles
-You need to have a face tool selected to navigate, if a vertex tool is selected, You will move the closest vertex to your finger / Stylus
-Program will randomly crash or break, and there is no autosave
-The only way to delete a project is to connect your device to a computer and manually remove the file
-No updates or developer support. Bugs will stay bugs until this is either revisited or the Big Bang rubber bands back and absorbers the entire universe.

Anyways, it's good for the price, just don't get your hopes up.

No undo button?


It seems like this was designed without influence from other modeling software, due to its layout and function. Just for clarification, this is a fancy MESH EDITOR. I can't use it. Mainly because this app doesn't work the way need it to, but also because it just doesn't work at all. While fun and maybe good for demonstration this would be a sad excuse for a usable modeling software. I couldn't even make a teardrop shape as a test, or think of a way I could. Hopefully someone else will find something it's good for..

How do you use this thing


So I was hoping to make dinosaurs but I can't I have no idea how to use this app


Paul Bird
36 MB
Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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