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The Image Editor for Humans.

Everyone needs to edit photos at some point, but not everyone has the time to learn complicated super pricey photo editing software. This is why we created Acorn. Add text and shapes to your digital pictures. Combine images together to create a photo collage. Work with layers to touch up your favorite photos or make something entirely new from scratch. Do all this and more with Acorn!

Latest Features Highlights
* Text on a path. Create a path with any of Acorn’s shape tools, then add text!
* Enhanced clone tool to clone across layers, images, and even clone group or shape layers.
* Updated web export window includes the ability to zoom, pan, scale, convert color profile, and retain or remove image metadata
* Smart layer export, Acorn’s alternative to slicing, has a new configurable palette to export your layers from 1x-5x.

What can Acorn do? Here’s a glimpse at a handful of Acorn’s capabilities:
* Remove image backgrounds using the magic wand selection tool or instant alpha eraser tools
* Combine images together to create collages or photo layouts
* Create logos and other vector designs using the path text tool or circle text
* Correct blemishes or image imperfections using the clone tool
* Easily adjust the contrast, highlights, shadows, and midtones in your images using levels and curves
* Lighten or darken images using blending modes, filters, or touch-up tools

Powerful Image and Layer Capabilities
* Over 25 different non-destructive blending mode options
* Unlimited layers and group layers
* Layer masks for nondestructive editing
* Transform, rotate, move, lock, merge, delete, and duplicate your layers
* Snap to grid, guides, selections, shapes, layers, and the canvas
* Supports image depth of 8, 16, and 32 bits per channel

Filters, Layer Styles, and Effects
* Unlimited combinations of layer styles and non-destructive filters possible
* Save and modify your filters later
* Create filter presets
* Tilt shift, vignette, drop shadow, distortions, & blurs
* Over one hundred additional effects
* Non-destructive curves and levels to adjust individual color channels

The Tools You Need
* Customizable clone, stamp, dodge, burn, blur, eraser, and smudge brushes
* Built-in brush designer for control of softness, spacing, and dozens of other brush refinements
* Drag and drop to import photoshop brushes
* Multi-stop live gradients
* Rectangle, elliptical, freehand, polygonal, and magic wand selection tools for making precise selections
* Convert selection to shape
* Quickmask mode to paint on a selection
* Custom color picker

Vector Prowess
* Stars, arrows, bézier curves, circles, lines, and rectangles
* Shape processor to move, tweak, generate, and adjust shapes in a stackable non-destructive interface
* Boolean shape operations include union, intersect, difference and exclude.
* Convert text to bézier paths for finer control of your text
* Snap shapes to pixel boundaries for precise alignment

Sharing & File Support
* Photos extension to edit your images from Photos
* Share images to Photos, Facebook, Twitter, and more
* Import JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PDF, PSD, BMP, PSD, RAW, PICT, SVG, TGA, ICO, and AI (with PDF compatibility turned on)
* Export TIFF and JPEG with CMYK color profile

Professional Features
* RAW image import of 32, 64, & 128 bit images
* Create layered screenshots of every window you have open on your computer
* Web export with wide gamut detection
* Automatable + scriptable.
* Perform batch image editing using Automator, AppleScript, and JS
* Editable image metadata
* Touch bar support

Acorn’s offers extensive online documentation, tutorials, a forum, and responsive support staff. You don’t have to learn by yourself. If you ever run into any issues, please let us know by writing to

What's New

Version 6.1.2

# Fixes
* Fixed blurry icons on 1x displays.
* Fixed some drawing issues when moving selections at ~87% zoom.
* Fixed cases where Acorn could crash on 10.11.
* Fixed a bug where editing text with the Typography palette out could cause a crash.
* Fixed a problem with the Scale and Rotate command which could clip selections on the right edge by a couple of pixels under certain circumstances.
* Reduced the amount of canvas flickering when using the Crop tool.

# Changes
* Defaulting to OpenGL for Macs who have various NVIDIA GeForce GT* GPUs (Metal proved to be a little to crashy on 10.13 for those Macs).
* New hidden pref to keep Acorn from including the Touch Bar when taking screenshots; copy and paste the following command into Terminal:
defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn6 noCaputeTouchBar 1

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Ratings and Reviews

5 out of 5

6 Ratings

6 Ratings

Acorn does everything I need


I’ve been a long time Acorn user, and don’t need any other image editor for my needs. I make posters for events, christmas cards, and perform image touch-ups among other tasks. I find Acorn’s nondestructive filters ideal for making changes later and haven’t found any other app that even comes close to ease of use.

Love Acorn, new version is a little flaky


First off — I paid to unlock the full version instantly, because I’ve been using Acorn since forever and I know that any flaws will be fixed.

So far I’m finding it a tad flaky. The first time I imported a RAW all I got was a black rectangle and none of the adjustments worked. I tried a second time with the same image the RAW importer kind of worked, but not all the controls responded.

Next, the first thing I tried inside the application was to add a text caption, and the text controls did not respond correctly. Again, the second time things seemed to work better.

While Acorn is far ahead of most other applications in terms of non-destructive layer effects, I can’t help but think that its UI is starting to look clunky and dated compared with (say) Sketch and Affinity Photo (or even RAWPower) which give you a whole slew of filters that start out toggled off. I think Acorn might counter this by having a bunch of the most popular filters automatically added to an imported photo (perhaps user-customizable) so you don’t have to start out by adding a bunch of things.

Also, the destructive photo import process might be replaced by some kind of non-destructive RAW filter.

As I said — I’m an Acorn user from way back and even if none of my wishes are met, at $15 it’s a steal, and the capabilities of its non-destructive adjustments cannot be beaten at any price.

Developer Response

Thanks for the review!

We haven't come across the issues you're encountering yet, but we'd really like to get them fixed for you. Could you use the Help ▸ Report Bugs or Feature Requests menu item to get ahold of us? We'd like some more details about the bugs you're encountering, and hopefully get a quick fix out for you. (Also- make sure to enter your email address so we can write back!).


Best Image Editor

*coool coool*

I am a iOS developer, and I have been using Acorn 4 to make icons and edit icons, until today when I bought Acorn 6. Acorn is just pure awesome. I am just so thankful that it exists. Image editor for $15? Are you joking? Photoshop subscription will cost you hundreds of dollars and the Adobe's photoshop is so hard to use - and I hated it using it. When I switched to Acorn I realized that I can do everything I do here is such humanly easy ways. I love this app, and I made my wife buy for herself too. There is no other image editor that is as worth as this! Pay $15 and get it for your lifetime!


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