This app was designed by an MD pain specialist and PhD pharmacologist to help users with chronic pain create a comprehensive picture-diary of the different types of pain felt throughout the day. By keeping such a detailed diary, users can now see and better understand what they have been feeling and if the treatments being tried are helping them.

Using patent-pending technology, you can now distinctly track, map, and monitor the intensity, pattern, and extent-of-spread of at least 12 different types of pain on your mobile device. We’ve also added a separate tracking system for numbness.

When you are suffering with pain, what you want is to get better again and be able to help your doctor understand what you are feeling.

Tracking your pain is important in treating your pain. When your healthcare team can see exactly how your pain changes over time, trends can emerge that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Pain is a complex sensation that can constantly change with varying intensities, textures, locations, and patterns of spread. This is especially true for individuals who suffer from a severe type of chronic pain called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

Nanolume® makes it easy for you to track, analyze, and map at least 12 distinct types of pain every day. By more completely knowing what types of pain a person is suffering with, such knowledge can be used to improve the basis upon which your diagnosis and treatment can be developed and/or adjusted.

Pain is a subjective (not objective) sensation — it cannot be measured by a medical device. Its assessment relies on the ability of a person to accurately describe and communicate what he or she feels.

This app helps you explain and show to others precisely what you feel every day.

For each diary entry (pain picture):
• Choose from a list of at least 12 uniquely different pain types; you can even choose multiple types of pain — each one layered separately.
• Select the intensity of each pain type.
• Use your finger or a stylus pen to draw an “outline” around the location where each type of pain is felt.
• The app automatically calculates (estimates) the % body surface area covered (affected) by each (or all) type(s) of pain.
• Open a saved entry (pain picture) and look at the location of each unique pain type (by touching the pain type you want to see) or look at how all the pain types overlap together (by touching "All Layers"). Swipe the picture left or right to review how your pain changes over time.
• Add "Notes" for additional details.
• Miss an entry? Go back and recreate a "pain picture" from the past; then, use the "Calendar" icon to backdate the recreated entry.
• View a summary of your data in "Charts".
• Calendar. Touch the "Calendar" icon to backdate any pain-picture you draw to create a record of what you remember feeling from the past.
• Export. Share (email) or save a CSV file of your numeric data.

• Unlimited Pain Entries. After the free trial ends, an unlimited number of pain entries can be saved and tracked (data summarized in “Charts”).
• Copy/Edit. Copy or edit-a-copy of a previous pain entry.
• Numbness. Track numbness along with pain entries (data charted separately).
• Custom Pain Types. Allows you to define up to 3 customized pain types.
• Interactive Summary & Animation. After a week or more of data is saved, play an animation showing how “each” of your pain types, or “all” of your pain types, change within any time period you choose by selecting the corresponding start/stop dates.

Data is stored on your device and is not collected/stored by Nanolume®, LLC.


Copyright © 2014-2019 Nanolume® LLC. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.

What’s New

Version 3.12

In updates 3.10-12, we improved the screen display for all iPhones and iPads – including iPhone X’s. We fixed two bugs: one that caused the app to crash when the “Screenshot” icon was used to send a copy of a “Pain Entry” drawing to the photo album; and, one that generated an errant popup when a saved pain entry was accessed. We also added our newest feature, “Export Data File,” that allows you to EXPORT (share or save) a CSV (comma separated values) file of your numeric data.

We continue to offer a FREE TRIAL to all new users. What’s new is that we are currently offering a promotion so users may also try all of our previously locked extra features (in-app purchases) to create and save up to 10 comprehensive pain and numbness diary entries during the trial period. After completing your free trial, if you would like to continue to create and save more than 10 pain diary entries, you will need to purchase the in-app feature “Unlimited Pain Entries”.

As a LIMITED-TIME OFFER to new users, if you purchase “Unlimited Pain Entries,” we will permanently unlock and include all of the previously optional extra features (in-app purchases) — “Copy/Edit,” “Numbness,” “Custom Pain Types,” and “Interactive Summary & Animation.”

As a SPECIAL BONUS to our current users — during our above promotion — we will also permanently unlock and include all of the previously optional extra features (in-app purchases).

Ratings and Reviews

OrangeLemon13 ,

It’s got huge potential but I can’t use it

There is missing a huge component - tracking medication (and other therapies) in response to the pain. My pain management Dr asked me to keep a pain diary and see how much breakthrough pain medication and what type of medication(s) I need to take to deal with it. I can’t do that with this app unfortunately. Otherwise it looks like it’s easy to use.

Developer Response ,

Listing medications and treatments that may or may not work, was not a priority in developing this app. Our primary goal was to help users better understand and create a more accurate record of what they are suffering with, so they could more precisely remember and communicate to their doctors exactly what they are experiencing. Our app has the ability to help users acquire more useful information to present to their pain specialists to help them narrow down the pathology underlying their patient's pain in order to narrow down the more likely better treatment option(s) to start with. The app can do this for pain specialists by: (a) revealing a clear and comprehensive record of the distinct types and textures of pain their patients are feeling; (b) demonstrating how intense each unique pain sensation is; (c) localizing where each distinct type of pain is being felt; and, (d) demonstrating how patterns of each type of pain changes with time. By allowing users with chronic pain to keep a record of up to at least 12 distinct types of pain (each on its own separate layer) our app also helps pain management doctors determine if their patient's pain is more nociceptive vs. neuropathic vs. inflammatory in origin -- indeed, such knowledge can be used to help pain specialists narrow down the most likely class(es) of medication(s) to start with [when initiating pain management] and know which class(es) to add or change to [after monitoring the progress of their patient's response to the initial treatment(s) tried].

If users wish to track medications or treatments, diets, weather conditions, or other factors, our app does offer a "Notes" feature. A note can be entered at the time a pain entry is initiated or it can be added later if a user later remembers to add an important thought to a previously saved pain entry. To add a note, click the "notes" icon found on the top-left corner of the "Draw Your Pain" or "Pain Entry" screens. As a useful reminder, after a user writes a note, this action generates a "notes" icon that pops-up on the "Entries/Charts" list page to the far right of the date-and-time stamp of the saved entry that the note corresponds to.

A true Godsend!! ,

The BEST pain tracker app EVER!!

This app is by far the most comprehensive pain tracker I've ever found...If you have RSD/CRPS then this app is truly an answer to prayers. There is finally a way to fully show and explain ALL the different types of pain you may have on any day and ALL the intensity levels you experience with each one. This is the most COMPLETE and cohesive pain tracker app that has expanded and tried to address the true root of ones pain in a way that lets the user have the ability to show their doctor each pain layer by layer and if you purchase the add-on it shows the trends your pain has. It even allows you to create your own custom pain types to use in addition to the wide array of preloaded pain types (with amazing and appropriate graphics for each one). This amazing tool allows both you and your doctor evaluate if treatments or medications are working over a period of time or if you need to try another course of treatment. This app seems to be equally as beneficial for both the user as well as their doctor and ensures that each type of pain is seen and addressed. I am extremely grateful and appreciative for genuine heart that the doctor who developed this app has. He not only saw the need for a pain tracker app like this he then found a way to fill that need and has continued to adapt this app as he receives feedback from users. Thank you from the bottom of this users heart!

aliiien ,

Easy, comprehensive yet simple, but IAPs push it

The good: this is one of the more UI-friendly pain trackers that still offers the ability to input a good amount of data: visual pain locations with varying types of pain with descriptors and a section for notes. All of your data is stored locally, and there's no sign-up required.

The bad, or my personal annoyances: inability to edit each entry; you have to delete one and start over, or add multiples if your pain changes throughout the day. Personal quibble, but the figure is male-only, and we know men and women can experience gender-specific pain; this doesn't alter the function, but it's an annoyance to me. No way to zoom in on the figure. The local data cannot be exported for backup. Finally, it irks me that features are nickel-and-dimed as IAPs; to fully enable all functions of the app, it adds up to nearly $15. For some, that may be worthwhile, and I don't deny that it is a good app. But I truly dislike that sort of upgrade tiering.

Developer Response ,

PRICE. Even if every option is purchased, the price would still be under $10.00 (USD) -- it would not be "nearly $15", it would only be $9.95. Keep in mind, all in-app-purchases (IAPs) come with unlimited use. FIGURE. The figure used is not "male-only". There are no male-specific genitalia shown. We use a modified androgynous outline which attempts to be neutral with regard to biological anatomy. EXPORTED DATA. At present, users can take screenshots of any image and store it to their camera roll. Saved images can then be emailed from the camera roll. A better system to export local data is currently under consideration. ZOOM. Yes, we agree, this would be nice. It is on our to do list.


Nanolume, LLC
130.5 MB

Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Age Rating
Rated 12+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
© 2014-2019 Nanolume® LLC. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.
In-App Purchases
  1. Unlimited Diary Entries $2.99
  2. Copy and Edit a Previous Pain Entry Free
  3. Numbness $1.99


  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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