have you SEEN what GHOSTFACE does to ZOMBIES? it AIN'T PRETTY...

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*Welcome to a world of PIXEL. Fight your friends on 6 new maps to show off your prowess!*
*Every 5 Days a boss will come out to block your way. Defeat it to earn FREE tCrystals! In earlier versions, players who have cleared 5 Days or more will automatically receive FREE tCrystals (5 Days = 1 tCrystal) after you log in.*
*Equip your hero with 2 brand-new, powerful weapons!*
*"PIXEL HERO and PIXEL MERCENARY enter this world to seek a worthy opponent!"*
*Use tCrystals to unlock weapons and characters NOW!*

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a strange virus has taken hold in a small town; one after another, the town's people have succumbed, losing the appetite for food and gaining one for BRAINS.

a few brave men hold out against all hope, machine guns and rocket launchers their only aid. will the people survive another day?

that's up to YOU.

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• amazing 3D VISUALS

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• 14 immersive & expansive MAPS
• 21 powerful & unique WEAPONS
• 16 awesome AVATARS, each w/ special STRENGTHS
• 17 totally terrifying ENEMY ZOMBIE BREEDS

--Game Progression--
Day 2 - Unlock the Shop
Day 6 - Unlock consumable items
Day 8 - Unlock co-op mode
Day 10 - Unlock VS mode
Day 20 - Unlock boss mode

*PRE-version 4.0 weapons will have their upgrades automatically converted into weapon levels after updating to version 4.0+!*

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What's New

Version 4.3.8

• Perfectly compatible with iOS 11.

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Ratings and Reviews

4.6 out of 5

7.2K Ratings

7.2K Ratings

Amazing Game, But Definite Problems


There's great animation, weapons, armor, etc., but there is terrible problems. For one, I can't play boss raids. No matter how much I try, the screen says Unable to Connect. I would love to try out boss raids so please fix this asap. The next problem is worse. Almost every time (9/10 times) I play multiplayer VS., once the round ends, my IPod (4th Gen) crashes and when I get back on, the game refuses to give me the money I earn. I use the Dragon Breath and PGM, and I assume most high level players know how much their ammo costs and how frustrating this might be.
Lastly, some advice. I say that you should lower the amount of money that you get for each kill in multiplayer VS. and instead give us infinite ammo. Another would be to add more maps and weapons to spice things up. Finally, please add something that will let high level players oppose other high level players and low level players pit against other low level players. I'm a player with the Constantine suit, but I think it's unfair that the Joe Blos and Doctors can't even practically touch me. If you fix this, I'd give you 5+ stars, but so far, not happening.
So, overall, a great game to play, with some big flaws.

Needs major updating!!


Hey, this game is alright for being last updated several years ago. But there are a bunch of things that are wrong. For example I'm not able to do the online player vs challenge nor the online boss challenge anymore as of today on any device... As if the servers crashed or something. Also bosses, you can't tell how much health they have. And sometimes the boss glitches and you don't get a reward, or it switches to a different boss, so instead of battling a lvl 1 boss ur battling the max boss. The dog boss glitches out of the map and is impossible to kill. Also for the verses ops online, sometimes you won't be able to pick up the perks. Also the characters can glitch out of the map. Now for the offline part, you aren't able to get enough currency to lvl your weapons up fast enough. The character movement is glitchy too, sometimes it won't let you move... I can go on about more, but I gave u the gist of it. But other than all of that its a good game.

Good game!


This is a great game, no doubt about that. Simple yet nice graphics and relatively simple gameplay. Aim and shoot. But there are some things that should be fixed and changed.

1. I can't play on Boss Raids. It always says "Cannot Connect", which is frustrating.

2. Ammo costs. Yeah, I know it makes sense to make more powerful weapons' ammo cost more, but wow. I got the "Gatling" and, as far as my current profits go (~$10,000 per in-game day) it would be insanely hard to gain profit because of its ammo cost. Seriously? $8,000 for almost 999 bullets? That's around 8 times the price of bullets (per bullet) for the MP9 (or whatever the first gun is)! I use up around 1,500 bullets per day! That's $16,000 down the toilet right there when I could spend only $1,500 on that many bullets for the MP9. You definitely need to lower ammunition costs. That is just ridiculous.

3. This is just minor but still, it would be nice to add this. Add a bit of a shader effect to players, zombies, and other entities. It just doesn't make sense to walk into a dark room and have the player glowing like a torch.

Otherwise, it is a wonderful game! Please lower costs for ammunition (like, really, lower costs). Keep up the good work!


Triniti Interactive Limited
352.4 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 12+ for the following:
Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
© Triniti Interactive Limited
In-App Purchases
  1. Call of Mini: Zombies $675,000 Cash Pack $3.99
  2. Call of Mini: Zombies $125,000 Cash Pack $0.99
  3. Call of Mini: Zombies $30,000 Cash Pack $1.99


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