We proudly present: The comletely rewamped Data Tape 3. Data Tape 3 is the best app to merge file parts (.001, .002, .003 etc.) to get the original file. These file parts are usually distributed over the Internet if the original file is too large. Data Tape 3 is compatible with HJSplit and handles all common formats for file parts. Data Tape comes in a free basic version. With Data Tape Pro, you can create also ".zip" archives with password protection and divide and merge folders and Mac bundle files.

Features of Data Tape:
- Data Tape 3 is the best app to merge file parts (.001, .002, .003 etc.). These file parts are usually distributed over the Internet if the original file is too large. Data Tape 3 is compatible with HJSplit and handles all common formats for file parts.
- After a file has been merged, Data Tape automatically moves the subfiles to the trash.
- If the file was also compressed as ".zip", Data Tape unpacks the archive for you. Data Tape will pass other archives to the respective uncompressing app.
- Data Tape works perfectly with Safari. You can start merging if Safari has not yet completely loaded all the pieces. Data Tape waits for the completion of the download then and merges already fully loaded parts in the meantime.
- With Data Tape, you can cut your own files, like the movie from your last vacation, and share them with your friends through a Filehoster. You can freely choose the size of the file parts. *
- The basic version of Data Tape is available for free download and you can use it for free.

Features of Data Tape Pro:
- Using Data Tape Pro, you can create ".zip" archives and compress files as a ".zip" archive before splitting them, if desired also protected by a password.
- Data Tape Pro can split, compress and merge entire folders, multiple files at the same time and bundle files.
- Support the evolution of Data Tape so that we can add more types of compression in the future.
- Even more comfort: With Data Tape Pro, the start window will no longer annoy you.

* You are not allowed to downoad or share data without the permission of the copyright holder.

What's New

Version 3.0

- Data Tape 3 is free in the basic version.
- Paid upgrade to Data Tape Pro with advanced features.
- New layout and retina graphics on high-resolution screens.
- Data Tape is now a 64-bit instead of 32-bit app and works with larger data.
- All connections to the Fishbeam Server (error submission, news, update search, links to are now working with "https".
- Data Tape does the ".zip" compression before splitting itself now and no longer uses the subssystem of macOS for this.
- ".zip" archives can be password protected.
- Data Tape can now automatically unpack ".zip" archives and does no longer forward this task to third-party apps.
- Data Tape can now compress files without breaking them up into segments.
- Files can be unpacked without being segments.
- Cocoa app instead of Carbon app for better integration with macOS.
- Renaming: Data Tape is no longer called Data Glue.

In addition there are improvements at almost all other parts. Data Tape 3 is completely revised and redesigned.

Ratings and Reviews

3.0 out of 5
9 Ratings
9 Ratings

Does exactly what it's designed to do without fuss.

Juan Guapo

I have been on the proverbial hunt for a file splitting utility for Mac. I tried a few of the freebie ones but they were very cryptic. I came across this and it is very simple to use. Worth the $2, definitely. There is a free version on their website but it lacks the .ZIP conversion prior to splitting. I like this app a lot, especially for uploading large files to my cloud drives and getting them in under the file size thresholds.

Great app, definitely worth $2!

Great app!


It does exactly what it needs to do. I've never had any trouble with combining files. I did have trouble once with a transport stream or (.ts) video file, but I don't know if that was the application or the file. I've only tried breaking up files twice, and since both were sucessful, I'll assume it always works.

This app is the best. Trust me. I've tried several. It was really hard to find a good application that works. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Only half works


I bought this for splitting larger files into smaller sizes for archival purposes. First of all, you don’t have much control over what file size you want (the maximum size is 1GB), and second of all IT DIDN’T EVEN WORK. Waste of money.

It split the files, but then when putting them back together, I get a zip that won’t open - it just creates a new file that if I click on recreates the original zip, ad infinitum.

Waste of money.


Yves Pellot
9.1 MB
English, German
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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