The airship to the Saint Heaven is about to set sail, shining with glorious memories.
Warrior, it's time to get back to the adventure! Dragon Nest Mobile is here!

Dragon Nest M is a 3D action adventure MMORPG containing 100% of the classic features, 3D non-targeting battles, authentic images, unforgettable stories and unpredictable new challenges! Cerberus, Manticore, Dragon Nest…all the classic bosses are back! As a powerful hero of Altera, you must fight evil dragons and save the world!

Come back with your old friends to Altera in Dragon Nest M!

======GAME FEATURES======

Transplanted from PC game, Dragon Nest M brings the classic dungeons back.
Destiny of the Prophet girl Rose, death of Gerrant, legends of all those heroes...you can re-venture into the familiar storyline and explore the fantasy world once again!

Excellent 3D graphics and special anime effects will immerse you in breathtaking battlefields.
Powered by the Unity 3D Engine, Dragon Nest M pushes the boundaries of what’s graphically possible.

The unique non-targeting combat and unlimited combos make it easy and fast to control.
Hack and Slash! Experience all the nonstop actions and incredible combats in the palm of your hand!

Choose your favorite class from Warrior, Archer, Mage, Tinkerer, Cleric, Assassin, and more to come.
More than 70 skills to pick, you can always find a new set of combo!

Explore instance Dungeons,fight in PvP battles, slaughter the dragons, expand your collection, train monsters, and more!
Team up with your friends and challenge the strongest Bosses!

Face your opponents with adjusted attributes, and feel free to challenge anyone in the game.
Crush the enemies with your epic skills, daze them with your ultimate combos.Only the strongest can survive!

Create your unique dream look! It all depends on you.
Hundreds of exquisite fashions, fancy wings and awesome mounts… suit up your character from head to toe!

Assemble or join a mighty Guild with hundreds of players, strive towards common goals.
Fight along with your Guild members, united as one, the spoils of war will be yours!

Come back to Dragon Nest with your friends, save the Continent of Altera once again! Onward, Warrior! Victory is yours!

More exciting contents and gameplays are waiting for you to be discovered!

Please note: an internet connection is required to access the game.


版本 1.4.0

New Content:
1. Arrival of new class of Warrior – Dark Avenger.
2. Activates Awakening for all classes (on Level 60).
3. New Game Mode: Infinite Dreamland, 4 player team PvE.
4: New Game Mode: Dragon Ware - Polishing, Refining of Dragon Ware attributes, Power increase.
5: New Game Mode: Dragon Jade Combination. Activates additional Dragon Jade when required conditions are reached.
6: New Game Mode: Guild Construction and Research. Get even stronger Guild features.

Content Optimization:
1. Adjusted the effects of Emblems and certain Spells.
2. Added Marriage features, interaction between the couple and partner activities.
3. Can now Sweep Dragon's Nest (Master level) and Boss Rush.
4. Spells can now activate Smart Look; Viewing angle follows Boss freely.
5. Mounts Collection no longer has a number limitation.
6. Optimization of Tips and Warnings.
7. Christmas Scene.
8. Updated Pandora Rewards pool.


3.8(滿分 5 分)
578 則評分
578 則評分

Amazing game but rip sorcerers

I love this game so much. I’m almost on level 50 and I’ve decided to stick with a sorcerer because I love magic. But there’s one problem; sorcerers are just horrible. I always look on the leaderboards to see my friends there but I’ve never seen a sorcerer even in the top 90. 90% of the time I use the two “giant gravity orbs” they always summon outside of the map or outside of the arena. I mean it’s okay if I have bad aim but AT LEAST summon them in the arena not in the grass next to it where it’s blocked from players. A good tactic is to constantly stun your opponent, but most of the time I stun them they resist it. It’s really too easy to see it coming and evade it. I’ve gotten only level 30-35 players to be stunned but that’s because they don’t have much experience evading usually. The intro to the game may show that sorcerers are harder to use but that doesn’t mean they should be this weak. It should mean that their controls and becoming stronger is a bit harder than the rest. I mean, I literally have to run a good distance away from my opponent, turn back at them, then use the gravity spell. I have to run so far just to not summon the spell outside of the map/arena. Also, costumes shouldn’t be this hard to get and there shouldn’t be so many time limits on them. It’s kind of hard to show individuality in the game. Also the new update- THE SORCERERS’ FACES ARE HIDEOUS


Good game but!

Hello! This is an amazing game I even got my girlfriend into it and started my own guild “legends” but the only problem I have is the sorceress. I have been playing this class ever since I started playing and she is so weak compared to the assassin class or any other fighter to be honest. You can battle other players and when I am the sorcerers fighting basically any other class but my own I can’t even get a hit on the other player! They have moves that cancel mine when I’m trying to cast a spell, so I can’t even get any damage in. It’s frustrating because I have over 100kbp and I’m a level 40 and I’m constantly switching specializations “the two different types of sorcerers” to figured out one that can actually attack. Like it’s unfair to look at the leaderboards and not see any other mages only fighting classes and the only other sorcerer I saw was ranked 98th. If you guys can please help the mages out and give us a buff or something it’s unfair I can’t even attack back! All of our attack get canceled out as soon as we get hit!

Please help!
Sincerely, Flow

DNSworld's alevosia

Prefer the PC version

I love how CherryBlossom transferred the game to mobile so its easier to access. Unfortunately i love the PC version more. In the PC version theres a lot more control and options and in mobile the controls are just packed in screen so theres not much room to play and see. There were A LOT more maps in PC, more accessories like steeds, pets for support, costumes, story, music, POV, there was a somewhat wide variety of characters each had weaknesses and strengths that put together balances them out and you could customize them however you’d like etc. even each AI had a lot of details and stories put in! I could feel cherry’s love and effort placed into the game and even after it hasn't gone mainstream its still a memorable game to play! Although, the mobile game feels like a cookie cutter attempt. I didn't feel the same love and effort placed into the original game. The game in general had a lot of detail and story into it. I don’t feel the same way in this game though :(
Geraint, argenta, and the six heroes will be missed dearly!


Kunlun Global International Sdn Bhd
265.5 MB

Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
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