ServerLife is the best Tip Tracker app that enables you to clearly see the money you earn.

128,000 people like you have entered over 5.75 Million tips!

Are you tired of never knowing exactly how much money you make because it ends up as cash in your pocket? ServerLife will solve that.

ServerLife is perfect for anyone whose income is variable and fluctuates from week to week.

Hospitality Industry (Servers, Bartenders, Hosts)
Uber & Lyft Drivers
Shoppers (Shipt, Instacart)
Hair Stylist, Barbers, Makeup Artists
Fitness and Yoga Instructors, Personal Trainers
Real Estate Agents
Sales (Commission based)
Freelancers & Entrepreneurs
Small Business Owners
Self Employed Individuals
Postmates Couriers
Independent Contractors

Enter your earnings at the end of your shift and easily see your totals. You'll be able to clearly see which days pay the best with our powerful filtering and comparison logic.

You can easily track the following values for each entry:
- Tips
- Hours
- Notes

Quickly see how much money you’ve made. The History page will show you the total tips and wages you earned for the any week, 2 weeks, semimonthly, month and year.

Want to see the daily average for any month and year - head over to the Averages page. This page breaks down the daily averages for any month and the entire year.

You can configure ServerLife to remind you to enter your tips. We all get busy and forget important things sometimes. Have ServerLife remind you to enter your tips at the same time every day.

Does your pay week start on a Tuesday? No problem you can change the start of the week so that the charts and totals will align with how you get paid.

Want even more from the app? Take your tracking to the next level with the in app purchase of the Advanced features. With the in app purchase you'll be able to see:

- Work Schedule
- Credit/Cash Tips
- Expenses
- Sales Total/Tip %
- Hourly Wage
- Covers
- Tips/Sales per Cover
- Miles/Deliveries
- Mile and Delivery Fee
- Tip Out (Tips to others)
- Tip In (Tips to you)

Tired of always referring back to the picture you took of the schedule? Quickly enter your weekly schedule and add default reminders so you're never late again.

Have additional expenses that you payout to work, i.e. childcare, meals at work, transportation, or Tip Out multiple positions? Track them with Expense categories.

Want to include your hourly wage with your tips? Track your hourly wages so that your earnings are more accurate.

Studies have shown that when you set a goal for yourself you are more likely to progress faster towards that goal. You can set daily, weekly, and monthly goals with any of the 17 fields the app calculates.

Work multiple Jobs or different Positions that have a different hourly wage? You can track the following with the in app purchase:
- Multiple Jobs, Positions (with different hourly wage), Sections, and Shifts (save the typical start and end time and it'll populate when you enter your tip)

Compare all of these on the Compare page. Here you can compare your Jobs, Positions, Sections, or Shifts to see which one you're making the most money.

Once you start tracking your Jobs, Positions, Sections or Shifts you can filter any of the pages to show any combination of these. You can also filter to show Paychecks or Tips.

Upgrading from the Just the Tips or TipSee app? Email us your latest backup file and we'll import it for you. Step by step instructions are located on the Import button on the Settings page.

Your data is always safe and secure. You never have to worry about backup files or when was the last time the data synced with the cloud. All of your data is saved to our private cloud securely every time you make a change. It is available on all of your devices. Even if you lose and get a new phone your data will always be safe.

What's New

Version 1.19.10

You can now save your Work Schedule and Set Reminders when it's time to get ready or leave for work.

There are also a few bug fixes and minor improvements

- Changed the filter icon color when it's set
- When you apply a change to your hourly wage your data refreshes now
- Wages on Paychecks will now display
- Minor issues with Positions and in-active Jobs

If you love the app please leave a review on the App Store, or contact me from the Chat with Support page in the app.

Ratings and Reviews

4.6 out of 5
169 Ratings
169 Ratings

My go-to for work

Working in the industry for the last 4-5 years has taught me a lot, but in the end, you gotta get your money. This app is super easy to use and efficient, not only tracking your tips but also analyzing the history of said tips. You can easily go into the history by day, week, month and year vs. all the hours worked. Also, you can see graphs/timelines and figure when there were busier times at work. It does all the work for you and calculates how much you make per any period of time. I set up a notification to go off at a certain time everyday (or whenever you know you’re working) and pretty much enter tips in here at the end of the day. It actually helps me keep track of my money better. If gettin that paper matters to you, definitely use this!

Developer Response

Thanks for the awesome review!

Jason @ServerLifeApp


Invalid json / bad gateway errors

As of today I can’t access my data (although the in-app message says it’s safe.) why can’t I have the data locally on my phone? Why must I be dependent on your janky and questionable servers? I’m mad at myself for paying $4 for this now.

Update after response: I thank you for your response, but if you used your servers as backup only (or iCloud like so many others) that would not be the case. I own many, many, many apps that do this. Take “drafts” for example. I have changed phones multiple times without losing a bit of data. The backup is on iCloud, BUT I have access to it all all times because the original data is on my phone. I’d love to see this implemented here, because quite frankly it’s odd to have financial data on some random persons server somewhere. It it your server? Is it encrypted? Who has access to it, etc.

Again, nice app but ultimately I have questions on the execution and reliability

Developer Response

Update: The app is hosted on a the same types of servers your other apps use and are provided by industry leading companies. Think of other financial apps a lot of people use, i.e. QuickBooks Online, Mint, Turbo Tax, your bank, this review, none of this data is on your phone. You may be perfectly capable of not losing your data however there are plenty of bad reviews on another very similar app to mine with the main reason for the bad reviews is lost data. If you'd like to chat more about it, just open a chat with me from the app. Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Bobafettish,

Thank you for the review and your perspective. I'm can totally understand the outage was frustrating. The in app message was from me, announcing the issue and when it was resolved.

Had your tips been on your phone of course you'd have then that day. However its much more likely for your phone to be lost or damaged and your tips will be gone for ever. Also if you uninstall the app the data would be removed as well.

I certainly agree yesterday was nerve racking. I am going to investigate some changes to limit your exposure to these back end issues. This will most likely involve storing your data on your phone locally.

If you have any more questions feel free to open a chat with me from within the app.


Great app for servers! Only one suggestion

I want to start by saying that I love this interface. It’s much easier to use than other apps i have used, and I haven’t yet experienced any glitches or jumping around on the screen, which is fabulous. I paid for the full version and am so glad that I did because I can set goals, separate my jobs, and keep track of paychecks and tips together or separately.

The only thing I REALLY would love to see included is a filter option for cash vs credit card tips.

Where I work, the company takes the credit card tips, taxes them for us, and returns them post-income tax as a paycheck after two weeks. It would be nice to see: a) that the credit card tips we are tracking match up with our paycheck, and b) to see how much cash we are making each night separate from credit card, aka what we take home at the end of the night. I’d love to be able to see averages of cash I take home without having to weed through the data myself. I know not a whole lot of restaurants do their tip outs this way, but it would be a super nice perk for the paid version.

Overall, great job!

Developer Response

Thanks for the feedback! Like you said you can see your total cash and credit for a pay period. To see them first set your pay period on the top chart on the History screen. Then press the down arrow to the right of the totals under the chart. That'll reveal the total cash and credit for that period along with the other totals you track.

Currenlty you can’t see a daily total of cash and credit separate. I’ll see what i can come up with.

Jason @ServerLifeApp


32.3 MB
Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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In-App Purchases
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  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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