Galimulator simulates the wars, revolutions, politics, research and various other bizarre events in a randomly generated galaxy. Watch as space empires endure epic struggles for power. You decide if you want to:

• Watch in Observer mode
• Play around freely in Sandbox mode
• Take control in Emperor mode

Empires will:
• Wage war to conquer more stars
• Build ships to fight and do other strange things
• Encounter strange space monsters
• Venture out on intergalactic quests
• Research new technology
• Switch politics between expansion, fortification and more
• Build powerful (or useless) artifacts in space
• Transcend to unimaginable hyperbliss

Ultimately they will go away, crushed by a stronger race, victims of internal strife, eaten by space monsters, or some other fate. But new ones will take their place. It's the hypercircle of interstellar life in space.

In Emperor mode, you can control your own empire by using your Flagship to boost expansion and defense, build and control your ships, and manage your Spy network.

In Sandbox mode, you have full freedom to do pretty much what you want. Make empires degenerate, throw meteors at them, etc.

Or you can just observe, like an aquarium, except with interstellar space empires instead of fish.

Visit the user forums to share stories, ideas, bugs, etc:

What's New

Version 4.0

Massive update, lots more content, including random land maps, more monsters, diplomacy and much much more.

Ratings and Reviews

4.6 out of 5
145 Ratings
145 Ratings


Pretty pretty good :P

Just...Wow. I’m surprised that a game like this was going to step up to the grand strategy deal. You’d expect Sega to make a massive, awesome cool thing with diplomacy, and kind of aiming more towards a game like HOI, but no, this guy decided to do it. And I’m just gonna have to say, thank you. This is a huge step, in my opinion, to a future to more great games like this, but I have a few suggestions. 1. If there is a way, please make it where I can see the full screen of cultures and stuff. If not, it’s fine, not too bad. 2. Maybe add more diplomatic features, like Non-Aggression pacts & Making Rivals? Other than those two and some other minor stuff, this game is WONDERFUL. If you would want to see a new era of stuff, or at least a demo of it, in my opinion, check this out. I think it’s awesome, and I hope you do too.

Ad free?

Simon Rosner

Very unique. Fast moving and complex to the point were I’m not sure how the developer got it to run smoothly on a mobile device but smoothly it runs.

I love watching all the little stories that unfold in the little galaxy in my phone. It’s definitely a work in progress but it’s fun in its current state and the developer seems dedicated.

3 minor complaints: There’s a serious lack of documentation within the app. I don’t like having to go the website to understand game mechanics. Even then, the site does not list everything.

The UI would improve greatly from a back button when fiddling with the menus and either a different font or a larger font in some of the menus. I have perfect vision and have some difficulty with the text.

You need every bit of available real estate on the screen which makes the ad banner very annoying. I’d happily pay the $2 the PC version costs to remove the ads and support the dev. I suppose this is an also an endorsement. I like Galimulator so much that i’d pay $2 to see an extra couple centimeters of the screen.

One of my favorite games in the app-store


When I begun playing this game, I fell in love with it, and loved controlling an empire. Watching my empire evolve and slowly take control 80% of the galaxy surely was an achievement I'll never forget.

My only complaint is since there's no music in this game, I turn on some tunes in SoundCloud, but the only problem is, when I enter the game, SoundCloud automatically pauses. This never happens in other games unless there is music. This is only minor.

Overall, I'd recommend this game to anyone looking for a "control your own empire" strategy game, or just want to watch other computer controlled empires duke it out.


Christian Cromnow
178.5 MB
Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© Christian Cromnow


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