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Love to cook, but hate shopping for groceries?

Imagine yourself out at the coffee shop with some friends, and you remember that you have nothing in the refrigerator for dinner, and no idea what you want to make.

You pull out GroceryZen, and browse through some pictures of your favorite meals to inspire your shopping. The "Lasagna" recipe sounds good. One tap later, all of its ingredients are on your list. With one more tap your regular weekly staples of "Milk", "Cheese", "Cereal", and 12 more items are on the list.

You drive to the store, and breeze through every aisle just once, with no backtracking, because the list has reordered itself. Or better yet, email it to your husband, so he can do the shopping.

How is GroceryZen better?

- Starts with hundreds of common items, and add your own to the list. You don't need to wade through thousands of items you'll never buy to add to your list.

- Add shopping lists for your favorite recipes. Add all the ingredients for Lasagna in a single tap. You won't forget the parmesan cheese like you did last week.

- Photos of recipes to inspire you to make something yummy.

- Share the list or your recipe shopping lists, to send your significant other to the store.

- The list orders itself by aisle when you go to the store. No backtracking.

- Add, change, and customize the order of the aisles to match the way you shop.

- Type a few letters to search for items if you can't remember whether you added "green onions" or "scallions".

- Add notes and links to recipes, so you can remember where you found them.

What's New

Version 4.0

Updated to work with newest versions of iOS.

Ratings and Reviews

Best of any I've seen

Shopper Dude

As you may be able to sense from my review, this comes from an anal retired engineer. Several years ago when my wife gave me the opportunity to do the grocery shopping, I immediately began working on an “everything we ever buy” list, and had the items roughly entered by aisle. In the pre-iPhone years, I would print out a list and my wife would highlight everything we needed on the next shopping trip. I would take the list and do the shopping. This worked fairly well and kept me from wondering the aisles.

After seeing GroceryZen as a new App, I realized it had just what I wanted, and more. It also appeared very easy to use. Since purchasing the Program, I have NOT been disappointed. It works great. Yes, it took a little work to enter in all my items and appropriately name the rows of my favorite grocery store but now that it is done, shopping is a breeze. Even if I shop at a different store, items are usually similarly grouped

To easily order the aisle, I started each aisle name with the aisle number. That really helped. No looking up to read the aisle name signs in the store.

Like the iPhone itself, the list is always conveniently with you, to select an item whenever you think of it.

This is and will remain a 5 star program for me.

Seriously speeds up shopping


This app is surprisingly versatile, given some imagination. A "recipe" is just a group of items (with associated quantities).

So I have a "recipe" for "Trader Joe's Run". It's just all the stuff I usually buy there. By selecting that one recipe, I've got my shopping list! And if I don't need a particular thing, I just check it off as if I bought it! Super simple.

I shopped with my iPod Touch in one hand, and the basket in the other. I BLEW through the store. It's a great one-handed app.

It's GREAT that this app has lots of grocery items already built into it. You don't have to enter them all.

When you are shopping, the items are sorted in Aisle order. Very handy. Re-ordering the Aisles is a bit tricky. You go to Items Edit (choose an item), then Aisle, then Edit. You can then order the Aisles any way you want!

My wish: that I could have a different aisle-order for each store, and be able to tell the app what store I'm in!

Developers: please don't overcomplicate this app. Right now it's in a sweet-spot. Just add my one feature, and it'll be perfect! :-)

Great app!

Best app for the way I shop


I love the ability to select a recipe & add to list. I use this feature as I use weekly menus containing recipes or when I am at the store and need ideas, or when I find an ingredient on sale and want to use it for one of my recipes. I also use recipes to list items I buy at specific stores (i.e. Health food store, etc.) and I have a recipe "Every" for basics to get every shopping trip. My couponing method is to separate coupons by month, so I have month "recipes" with ingredients that I have coupons for that expire that month. Here's the catch, I would like to see a program upgrade that flags the ingredients that I have coupons for so that when those ingredients are added from a meal recipe or store recipe, I will be able to see I have a coupon and should pull it from my file. Right now I add a dollar sign to the name of the ingredient as my flag, but it can disappear with long ingredient names.

I also will second the request for some way to handle long lists of recipes. Perhaps the ability to search that narrows the field with each letter entered?


Greg Bernhardt
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Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
English, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish
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