The only Dictionary and Thesaurus with every word you search for. Plus Word of the Day, free offline dictionary access, and millions of definitions and synonyms from top sources, including:
Webster's Dictionary
Roget's Thesaurus
The American Heritage Dictionary

Plus FREE access to:
English Offline Dictionary
English Offline Thesaurus with synonyms and more
Medical Dictionary
English Idioms and Slang Dictionary
Translations of English into 40+ languages
Dozens of other translation options
+ Much more! The Free Dictionary is like getting 100+ apps in one easy-to-use interface.

Rated #1 app in the App Store in the free reference category in 111 countries 2011–2018. (Source:

Here's what you can do with The Free Dictionary app:

* Find every word you search for.
Clear, accurate definitions from top dictionaries—online and offline.

* Find synonyms fast.
Free Thesaurus with simple interface makes it easy to find the perfect word. Browse synonyms, antonyms, and related words.

* Learn something new every day.
Word of the Day
Idiom of the Day
+ Other daily content

* Build your vocabulary.
Don't just look up words—learn how to use them!
Audio pronunciations
Example sentences
+ More!
The perfect dictionary app for word lovers and learners of all levels.

* Explore topics in-depth.
Multiple specialty dictionaries and encyclopedias:
Medical dictionary
Legal dictionary
Science dictionary
Financial dictionary
Idioms and Slang dictionary
Acronyms and Abbreviations
+ More!

* Play word games.
Spelling Bee, Hangman, and more.

* See idioms in action.
Watch idioms videos inside the app! Featuring animations of words and phrases from the idioms and slang dictionary.

* Access dictionaries in 13 other languages.
Spanish dictionary and thesaurus
French dictionary and thesaurus
German dictionary and thesaurus
+ Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and more!

* Translate English into Spanish, French, and 40+ languages.
Or translate other languages into English. Access dozens of other translation options.

* Access dictionaries and encyclopedias from these top publishers with just one search:
Houghton Mifflin
Random House
Cambridge University Press
Columbia University Press
+ More!

Here's why The Free Dictionary is the most user-friendly dictionary app:

* Instantly look up words in apps or webpages! Just highlight the word you want to look up, tap "Share," then tap "More" in the bottom menu and turn on the "Define" option. You will then see a "Define" icon in the menu. Tap it to see the definition of the highlighted word!
* Voice search. Look up a word just by saying it.
* Advanced Search options.
* Look up the definition of any word on the page. Just highlight and tap "Definition."
* Save bookmarks with one tap and sync them to all your devices.
* Customize your homepage: Move, add, or remove articles, games, even local weather.
* Jump to Definition, Thesaurus, or Translations with one button.
* Navigate the app in more than a dozen languages with the multilingual interface.
* Adjust font size.
* Share your favorite words via social networks, email, or text.

* Earn meals for hungry children through The Free Dictionary's partnership with the World Food Program—just by using the app!

This is not a trial version—you get everything free and forever. Additional offline dictionaries in other languages are available in the Pro version.

Seem too good to be true?

The Free Dictionary app has been downloaded tens of millions times across multiple platforms, with top ratings after hundreds of thousands of reviews.

Read reviews from real users to see why they say The Free Dictionary is the best dictionary app they've ever used.

* For app developers: The Free Dictionary app can be accessed by other apps with API calls (Contact Farlex for instructions).

What's New

Version 8.0

Version 8.0
* Flashcards! Create flashcard sets to study for tests, learn new words, and more!
* Fixed notification issue and other bug fixes.

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5

2.9K Ratings

2.9K Ratings



I actually really do love this app, and I very rarely rate apps!!! This app is easy to use, easy to understand & is just overall user friendly.

With that being said, I only gave it 4 stars. This is because like others have also said, I wish it was slightly more sophisticated so that when I go back to the main page it doesn't bring me all the way back to the very top, so I have to scroll through everything I've already read. I also wish that for the Idiom of The Day that the video provided more information, instead of just simply repeating what is already written about it. Like the one reviewer stated, it'd be a great idea if you guys would include the history of the idiom or something more educational like that....instead of repetition of the written part.

Other than that, I love it!! Oh!! And I guess to be totally inclusive in my review, I'd really appreciate it if perhaps you either would have days where you chose the Word of The Day as a much more less known word, OR have another word in addition to the regular Word of The Day, that is a "higher point" word....i.e. a word that most people do not know the meaning of, and/or a word that replaces the need to use multiple words to get the same point across.

Cough up 4 bucks for this app, people!!!


The app I think is so SO sooooo worth 4 bones. I LOVE it and the developers deserve to have this noticed and when u use a free version of an app often and you find it useful and interesting ans enlightening and well designed, it seems to me that paying for the one that costs just a few bucks is only fair to the developers. My philosophy is that when I have established I very much like the free version of any app and use it regularly, that it is a given to pitch in to support the people that made it. But... I dunno if people in this society of ours think much about the actual people behind the app... they dont get past the thought "is it free?". Well, people out there should use free apps all they want as I do, but the ones i use regularly I will upgrade once they become a common go to for me. But that's me.


Lisa Norwood

This is one of the BEST yet it is more than just a DICTIONARY❕THESAURUS❕👍🏾 I am also enjoying playing the Word Games on my iPad.
🙏🏾 This APP have save me $MONEY$ 🎶🎶🎶 I have been using this APP for a while on my Galaxy S2 phone when I was out shopping to identify ingredients in products like lotions & creams so I can avoid INGREDIENTS that give me rashes.
🙏🏾 Use this APP to define words in the Holy Bible! If You want to know who will not go to HEAVEN, look up the definition of the list that is in 1 CORINTHIANS 9:10-11 & also REVELATION 21:8. To go to Heaven You must BELIEVE in your Heart in the Lord JESUS CHRIST the ONE & ONLY SON of the TRUE & LIVING GOD that he has died on the Cross for your SINS as written in the HOLY BIBLE. This App is also good for Bible Study. Sometimes those other versions doesn't translate the KJV correctly. Let God Keep You in Jesus Christ!


Farlex, Inc.
20.4 MB
Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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