The super masterpiece of the action game "MEGA MAN X” now powered up!
With variety of weapons and reinforcing parts, break Sigma’s dark ambition down!!

◆Power-up points
1.【Supporting Retina Display!】
“MEGA MAN X”’s old graphic was localized!

2.【2 Display Modes!!】
In addition to “REGULAR MODE” which displays whole screen of the game, “FULL MODE,” which displays full iPhone display, is available!

3.【3 Levels of Difficulty!】
In “STORY MODE”, there are 3 choices (“EASY”, “NORMAL” and “HARD”) for the level of difficulty!
Choose “EASY”, so that some stepping stones will appear to prevent prayers falling!
If you are confident enough, try “HARD”!!

4.【Ranking Mode! (Function supporting Game Center)】
“RANKING MODE” to compete ranking with other users will be available!
Compete with score in “SCORE ATTACK”, and with time trial clearing stage in “TIME RACE”, for number of cleared stages in “ENDLESS”.
Brush up your skills, and aim the top ranking!!

5.【80 Challenges!! (Function supporting Game Center)】
20 challenges in the Opening Stage of “STORY MODE” (*1)!!
There are 60 in following stages, so there are 80 challenges altogether!
※(*1) does not supports Game Center.

6.【Support Items for Your Advantages to Play the Game on!!】
When you cannot find reinforcing parts while you are playing the game, or when you want to power up immediately, get the items from “CUSTOMIZE” screen!
“FULL ARMOUR”, “FULL WEAPON” etc. are available for you to carry on playing with advantages!
Try discounted “Perfect Set” to be strongest!
*Items are available as in-app purchase.
*To purchase the items 3G or Wi-Fi environment is necessary.


◆Operating Methods

Move・・・・・Direction button
Shot・・・Attack button
Jump・・・Jump button
Change Weapon・・・Change Weapon button on the right top

Quick Change・・・Try touching the top of the game screen! And scroll your finger right and left then let it go; you can change the weapon quick and easy!
Dismounting Ride Armor・・・Tap the icon on the right top


What's New

Version 1.04.00

Now compatible with iOS11
Now compatible with iPhoneX

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5

293 Ratings

293 Ratings

What I think of the game


This is a mostly solid port. First off, the touchscreen controls are OK since I’ve gotten used to them, but people haven’t really been liking them (I think). Some people say the new sprites aren’t good, but I personally like them. It’s kinda like bridging the SNES and the PSP versions together. Also, why are the stages not affected like in the original? Flame Mammoth’s stage doesn’t freeze, so they put the Heart Tank in a different location, and in Sting Chameleon’s stage they filled that one section with water so you could get to the Heart Tank. But otherwise, I like the Achievement and Shop features, so beginners can get an easier start with the shop while veterans can use the Achievements to test their skills. The difficulty levels can let noobs get an easier time or pros can try to beat it on hard. I also love the second soundtrack you can get in the shop. It’s nice how they replaced the original pictures with Maverick Hunter X art, and a little introduction with the words from that game’s opening. Overall, it’s not perfect, but it’s solid.

X on a phone !!!


First let me start off by saying capcom ported this game nicely unto a mobile device. X controls the same as he did in the Ames version (mostly), and the music is unchanged from the original. However I still do have gripes with not necessarily the game itself bu the limitations of the devise itself. Megaman is not well suited for a touchscreen game and as such I found myself having a hard time climbing ladders and unintentionally getting hurt. Also I've noticed that there is a transition screen in the stages which made backtracking impossible. And finally the background is sometimes missing certain elements like viles ship in spark mandrills stage. Overall, however, this is one of the best ports that I've played on the Mobile platform and I cannot wait for x2

Not what I thought I was buying


Expecting to be able to play retro games on my iPad Pro was too much to ask of this simple title. I clearly saw great rework on the game, but simple functions like, flip screen, when my iPad is clearly using a magnetic stand that is applied to the opposite side than the games screen is fixed, forces me to either play upside down, or close the app entirely. Touch screen is great when app games were first coming on the horizon in app stores, but I think it should be considered to be essential to review the games playability based on touch screen complications vs Bluetooth game controllers that are now being made to look vital for people who want to game on iPads without the hassle of using the touch screen for these titles. Potential, but the head was cut off. But hey the chicken is still good right...?


93.4 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
Age Rating
Rated 4+
In-App Purchases
  1. Complete Set $3.99
  2. Full Armor $1.99
  3. All Health Boosts $0.99


  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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