This App is the macOS equivalent of Microsoft Bing Desktop for Windows. The App automates downloading the daily image and setting it as wallpaper without any user intervention.

But it is not a mere macOS clone - it has more features than Bing Desktop for Windows:

* Express UI - almost all functions/options are available through app's systembar icon.
* Download all images from 11 countries/cultures whereas Bing Desktop only allows you one default culture.
* Choose daily image from one of the 11 countries/cultures as your wallpaper as you wish.
* Many configurable options that let you control how daily images downloaded or stored and more.
* Download history images of past 2 weeks so that you won't miss them even if your computer is powered off for days, whereas Bing Desktop only downloads today's image.
* Save downloaded images for later use (e.g., for screensaver or slide shows), whereas Bing Desktop hides downloaded pictures from you.
* Browse and view all downloaded pictures in the built-in intuitive gallery, and search for their stories in Bing, whereas Bing Desktop only lets you view pictures in one week.

What's New

Version 1.7.6

*FIXED: Custom cache location was broken in 1.7.5 due to a subtle change in app entitlements.
*IMPROVED: Download engine: automatic DST (Daylight Saving Time) detection based on latest history record.
*FIXED: Corrected app display name in accordance with its app store name.
*FIXED: Feature "launch at login" did not work for new installations.
*REVERTED: Download standard 1920x1080 daily pictures by default instead of watermarked 1920x1200.

What's new in 1.7.3
*IMPROVED: Greatly enhanced power saving mode. Now automatic downloads are scheduled as less as one time per day; but changing wallpaper culture may trigger additional automatic downloads.
*REMOVED: Dropped support for macOS 10.8 since it's very old; and the app's new features rely on infrastructure provided by newer macOS (10.9+).

What's new carried over from 1.7
*IMPROVED: Greatly reduced download frequency so that it consumes much less power on MacBooks.
*IMPROVED: Truncate activity log when it grows very big so that it consumes much less CPU.
*IMPROVED: Reworked download engine taking advantage a new time- and bandwidth-saving feature of Bing services.

Ratings and Reviews

4.1 out of 5

14 Ratings

14 Ratings



Just what I was looking for. Love Bing’s daily pictures but don’t use Bing. This app now gets those pictures to my mac desktop! Worked as advertised out of the box, no issues.

One thing I discovered that might be helpful to others. I use Google Drive’s Backup and Sync app to keep my Mac’s “Pictures" folder in sync with my Google Photos. The “Daily Wallpaper Bing Edition" application was set to download Bing’s pictures to the same folder, which I had not realized until I saw all these Bing pictures show up in my Google Photos. The solution was to change this app to download Bing pictures to a folder other than the one Google Drive was using. That can be done through this application’s settings in the “Cache” section. Once I did that, however, I started getting an error saying that this app could not write to that folder. That can be fixed by making sure that the folder you select is writable - either by running a ‘chmod’ command using terminal or going to Finder, selecting GetInfo and then Sharing and Permnissions. Once this was done the app was downloading Bing pictures to that folder and they were kept separate from my personal Pictures. My suggestion to the author of this app would be to set the default download folder to something other than the “Pictures” folder on the Mac.

Great app overall. It’s a pleasure to look at my mac’s desktop now :) !

Developer Response

Thanks for your detailed review. Custom cache location actually was broken in version 1.7.5. Please update to 1.7.6 to see if it works.

Add translation


Just bought the app and really enjoying it. I like that we can choose from different countries and read the picture's info. My suggestion is to add an option to translate certain countries into English. I understand English and Chinese, but I can’t read the other countries’ info.

Developer Response

Thanks for your review and suggestion. I think it could be possible to add this feature in a future release, but I cannot promise when it is done.



Thank you for fixing the bugs! This app gives functionality to the only thing that Windows does that OSX can’t - show Bing’s beautiful daily pictures. Nicely done! I love using it.

Developer Response

Sorry for this inconvenience. The bug was fixed but pending release. The reason is that usually I will accumulate several fixes to submit a new release, but currently this is the only problem on the list. Perhaps I will release it anyway.


Chunlei Yang
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English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
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Rated 4+
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