Features currently exclusive to the Remote S app:
- Fully functional Apple Watch app
- Display battery/power usage even when not charging
- See the total miles/kWh added from the last charge session
- Display instant charging rate for fluctuating power chargers (i.e. superchargers) instead of the average charging session rate that your vehicle displays
- Estimated range is displayed (this takes the average consumption of your past 30 miles and estimates your battery range based on that past usage)
- Monitor all three ranges (estimated, rated, ideal/typical) at the same time without changing the settings in your car and up to the nearest 1/100th mi/km
- View the total kWh your can use compared to stated capacity
- See and copy the raw vehicle data returned by Tesla's API servers
- Check if your vehicle is corked or uncorked
- 3D Touch menu for quick commands from the Home Screen
- Opens, connects, and issues commands faster than the Tesla app
- Avoid idle fees from Tesla by setting an alarm when charging reaches a certain kW or % level
- Camp Mode allows you to keep the HVAC on in the car even though there is no activity. Normally, the car will turn off HVAC after 30 minutes.
- Trigger HomeLink even if the car is plugged in, not in PARK, or you are not near the car
- View how many range miles are being used per hour
- Summon your car when not near it and without continuous press needed (autopilot required)
- remotes:// URL schema with custom commands - See 3.3.0 release notes
- Max cool and Max heat buttons to quickly send multiple commands to your car to optimize cooling and heating
- No-Commands Mode lets you log in the app for your family/friends to monitor your Tesla's location live without allowing them to issue commands to your car
- Breadcrumb tracking allows you to see the path that the car has recently taken
- Trip statistics shows your current MPGe, kWh used, miles traveled, kWh per 100 miles, cost savings vs. an internal combustion engine car, cost savings over the lifetime of your car, and many more fun stats.
- Save trip routes to different save slots and compare the distance, kWh used, cost, and more for each route
- Accurate odometer/range readout with decimal places
- In-app browser can detect commands from javascript and html so that you can create and use a webpage to control your car
- This opens up all sorts of functionality, such as scheduling, queued commands, and repeated commands
- Consolidated stats and commands into one screen for quicker and easier access
- Start/unlock car with Apple Watch without a password
- Ability to change passenger and driver temperature settings separately instead of always together

Remote commands that will work on the Apple Watch and iPhone/iPad
- Unlock/lock car
- Start/Stop HVAC
- Roof/Trunk control
- Temperature change
- Honk horn
- Flash lights
- Enable/disable Valet Mode/Clear PIN
- Summon reverse/forward/stop
- Trigger HomeLink
- Start and stop charging
- Open/close charge port
- Car location display and tracking
- Display charging stats (amperage, phases, voltage, mi/hr, time left, etc.)

Privacy/Security notice: This app only communicates directly to Tesla's servers when sending login credentials and commands. No identifying information is stored by our company.

Special Thanks: Teo5 for the icon graphics. Will Loconto for the sound effects.

Disclaimer: This software and documentation do not come from nor is endorsed by Tesla Motors Inc. Use this app at your own risk. The author does not guarantee its proper functioning. Some features require certain vehicle options to work (e.g. HomeLink/Summon require the autopilot options enabled). This app attempts to use the same interface used by the official Tesla apps. However, you are responsible for any changes to your car caused by using this app. Use of this app can move or change settings to your car and we are not liable for any damages to you, your car or any other object in conjunction with the use of this app.

What's New

Version 3.4.8

- Added usable kWh and total usable kWh capacity readings to the iPhone/iPad app. It will display where the Added charge is showing on the bottom left of the app. You can tap on this to toggle between the Added charge and the current estimated kWh charge. The estimation is accurate to about plus or minus 1 kWh for both values. If the total kWh available is a few kWh less than your car's stated total kWh, then this is normal. Not all of the kWh in your battery pack is used to prevent damage to the battery pack.
- Added a red port icon for when the charger is not fully plugged in properly. A message will also say "Limited" as in "Limited Charging" instead of the normal "Charging" message.
- On the Apple Watch, when charging, the "remaining charging time left" number is much bigger and easier to read now on the second page.
- On the Apple Watch, the Estimated and Rated/Ideal/Typical range have now switched places between the first and second page. Second page now shows the rated/ideal/typical range in greater precision on the bottom of the second page. And if your car has an estimated range to show, it will be in the middle-right of the second page.
- Removed estimated range for vehicles that do not have an estimated range to display and replaced it with a display your battery charge kWh.
- Fixed bug where an error notification would pop up randomly for Apple Watch users.
- Fixed bug where Apple Watch users who might have had trouble waking up their vehicle when their iPhone is not on or not near them. Potential bug fix for Apple Watch users on LTE.

Ratings and Reviews

4.6 out of 5

400 Ratings

400 Ratings

Wish it would work on untethered Apple Watch Series 3 LTE


This app may not have the best user interface, but it functions well on my Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, and on my iPhone X. However, the app does not work on my Apple Watch when the watch is using LTE, without the iPhone nearby. It would be nice if the app would work on the Apple Watch using LTE for the times when I don’t have my iPhone with me (e.g. at the gym). Presently, if I launch the app on my Apple Watch while on LTE, the app UI looks like it is connected to my car because it shows charge percentage, HVAC settings, etc. But it really isn’t connected and any attempts to perform a function (e.g. turn on HVAC, honk horn, etc) are not carried out by the app. It would be better if the app displayed a message that it is not connected rather than appear that it is connected. I hope in the future the developer will add the ability to use the Apple Watch LTE when untethered from an iPhone, but for now it is a solid app on the Apple Watch if your iPhone is close by.

Developer Response

Remote S on the Apple Watch does show when the app is connected or not. If you look at the first screen, it tells you the time of the last updated data. If that time doesn't match with your current time, then it's not connected yet.

Remote S is also coded to work untethered. Some users have reported that being on LTE is a bit slower to connect with Tesla's servers, so try to give it a bit more time to connect. Try connecting to a WiFi network on your watch with the iPhone turned off to confirm that your watch is capable of communicating with your vehicle without the iPhone. If that works and LTE does not, try restarting your Apple Watch device or trying another cell tower.

Helpful app


It is a useful app. Compared to the design of the official Tesla app, which has several pages, this app puts everything on a single page. There are pros and cons to this (while things are readily accessible information end up quite small and a bit cluttered). But there is one feature alone that justifies this app in my view. This app calculates energy usage over the last 30 miles in order to predict range on current charge. My ‘real world’ prediction is only 72% of the Tesla default estimate. Whether this is due to very cold weather or due to the majority of my travel being at highway speeds, or to something else, this is incredibly valuable information to have for planning.

Not intuitive but unique features


I keep having to resort to the manual (web page) to locate info on where to find what because the hot spots to items are in odd places on the screen which are not necessarily related to the items desired.
For example:
Tapping the Inside Vehicle Temp indication pulls up the roof vent controls (not the cabin temp controls- those are elsewhere)
Tapping on the Charge Rate indication pulls up the Charge Limit Slider (logical) but also the Driver Temp Zone Slider & Passenger Temp Zone Slider.
Of course the cabin temp controls are located in a completely different section which control the same thing as the Driver Temp Zone Slider.
There is a multiple trip calc/tracker available. I end up fiddling with the menus in or off to get that to finally open but can’t remember how to show/hide/on/off/delete/save any of that without another trip to the manual so just forget it.
The watch app is the most useful for me. Much more intuitive (no manual needed however not as robust. I turn on the hvac with a long press and a tap. Done. Use it quite often in the winter.


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