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Jogabo makes the world around you easier and more social to play soccer in. Easily organize your league team or pickup group, even with people without the app. Connect with your soccer friends and explore your local community to discover playing opportunities.

Use it every time you play to let your friends know you’re playing and help map the world’s game for the most passionate community in the world.

* Set up your practice, league game, pickup game in a few clicks
* Send invites in the app or by sharing an invite link (Whatsapp, Messenger, Email group…)
* Send invites via your contacts (SMS)
* Players RSVP in app, via the web or via SMS (simply by replying “IN”)
* Receive RSVP updates with latest guest list totals
* Manage your guest list and roster (max. # of players, waitlist, remove players...)
* Automatic RSVP & Game reminders
* Collect & track payments in app
* Chat in your events even with users not on iOS (via Web and even SMS*)
* Notify the right people with @mentions (@in @out @pending @unpaid …)

* Open a few spots to recruit extra players
* Change your event’s privacy so others can join (friends, friends of friends, public)
* Have players easily share invite links to their friends

* See all your Group/Team’s upcoming event in your group calendar
* Chat with your group even with users not on iOS (via Web and even SMS*)
* Add members via phone number (you won’t need them to have the app to get organized, they can get going straight away with SMS)

* Track and share every game you play with pictures and stats (like Strava or Nike Running)
* Follow your soccer friends’ activities around the world
* Comment on their activities to keep in touch
* Chat 1-to-1 with all your friends

* See when friends are playing near you
* Get notified when friends are looking for players
* Discover games with open spots around you via friends (or all public games for cities where Explore is launched)

EXPLORE LOCAL COMMUNITIES (Launched only in certain cities)
* Connect with local players (new players, top organizers, community ambassadors…)
* Discover pickup groups and teams near you
* Find recreational and amateur soccer leagues to play in
* Explore new venues and fields around you

What's New

Version 3.2

Bug fixes for that lovely iPhone X, performance improvements and Barcelona is in the 1/4 finals, like every year ;)

Ratings and Reviews

4.6 out of 5

5 Ratings
5 Ratings

Great app/idea, awful name


This is a fantastic app/idea, taking over the void left when Nike Football discontinued. However, the name needs some work. It’s difficult to share a name of it isn’t catchy/memorable/comprehensible. Why not a simple name like Pickup? Grassroots Soccer? Anything but JOGABO or whatever.

Cool concept, needs better execution


I was expecting this to be a great way for me to see what was going on in the Soccer side of the area around me. Not sure if it’s because no one is around me, or because I don’t have anybody around me to see. I set a future date of a pickup game and I can see the field, but not the event. I think you need to be able to see others events and what not. Have the ability to make them private. But make it like Pokémon go maps, except instead of random wild Pokémon there would be the human imputed games/practices/events. You could limit it to groups and teams would use it, but default postings to be public. I just want to play, this could be a great tool once it catches on. Hope for the best. Would update y rating for sure if it improves

Developer Response

Thanks for the feedback! Please allow us to clarify some things about JOGABO for you... If an event is invite-only or only open to friends, you may only be able to see the title and no details. Organizers select different privacy settings for their events. We cannot simply force people to make their events public. Aside from the fact that people like to play with players they’ve connected with / know and usually don’t just say “hey CITY come play with me!”, imagine if we forced every team to make their practices & games public? It would ruin the quality of organizer’s events and discourage them from using the app. That said, if you’d like to create a public game, we’d be happy to help you get started.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for games, the best way is through people you follow. We don’t organize games; players do. The reason you aren’t seeing much activity is because you’re only following 7 players so far. The more players you are connected with, the more playing opportunities you will have access to… so I strongly suggest you follow more footballers — people you’ve played with, locals, teammates, soccer-playing friends, etc.

I hope you understand where we are coming from. We’re a small team but we’re working hard to improve the way people play the beautiful game & realize our vision. We would really appreciate if you could change your review, app ratings are very influential. Anyway, hope to see your activities on the app soon! Shake your phone in the app or email us at support@jogabo.com if you need help getting started.

Never stop playing,

Need a change

Mazin iraqi

I tried to get a benefit of it but it was impossible because it doesn't show games that are actually going to happen, instead it shows the places that having events.. When ?? Doesn't say..
That was not helping
The track function is not working because i was supposed to invite people to the app.. And that was to popularize this app .. But in contrast it is repelling.. And when i try to invite people it doesn't work, without saying how many people should i invite or if they were must to actually use the app..
I gave it a chance for a week.. Then i deleted it.. I think if it get more useful it will be more popular..

Developer Response

Hi there, sorry you were initially confused by the app and could not navigate to support to get help. We've made a lot of improvements (and updated the onboarding) since version 2.52. Please allow us to clarify some of your early concerns. Firstly, it seems you confused the Track page with the Discover page. The Track page allows you to navigate on a map to different venues, and then track your stats after you play. If you were seeing events without details (at the top of the Feed), it was probably because the event was invite-only or only open to friends. Organizers select the privacy settings for their events. Secondly, we have never locked the Track feature, but I assume you mean the Discover page, where you can follow the activities of players in your network. In previous versions we locked Discover and asked players to invite friends. This is not a requirement anymore, but at the time, we requested at least two successful invites. It seems you did not reach this threshold. The reason we did this is because the Discover feature is useless unless you are connected to players. We do not organize games; players do. The reason you did not see any upcoming events, is because you were not following any players. Again, we sincerely apologize for your previous confusion. We've grown a lot in the past year, and have new ways to connect you with local players. Please shake your phone in the app or send us an email at support@jogabo.com to chat with us, so we can help you connect with your community and get started. We’re a small team but we’re working hard to improve the way people play the beautiful game & realize our vision. We would really appreciate if you could change your review as app ratings are very influential. Anyway, hope to see your activities on the app soon!

Never stop playing,


Jogabo, Inc
227.1 MB
Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2018 JOGABO, INC.


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