Works with DAWs (local MIDI or desktop wireless). Musix Pro is the most innovative app for performing music. Music theory is baked right in through the use of a technique called isomorphic note layouts. Novices learn to play in minutes, and professionals benefit from built-in harmonic relationships between notes. Unlike other music apps, Musix Pro provides a wide range of octaves, scales, keys, chords and modes, without limiting your creativity. With multiple built-in instruments and support for OSC and Core/Virtual Midi, most existing synthesizers work beautifully with Musix Pro as a controller.

Traditional musical instruments are difficult to learn because notes are arranged based on physical constraints. Musix Pro arranges notes based on their harmonic and musical relationships instead, allowing shapes and patterns to emerge that unlock the mathematical beauty of music.

What do people say about Musix Pro?

"Anyone who loves music, regardless of skill level, owes it to themselves to experience Musix. Simply exploring the app will open musical doors you never knew existed." -

"Musix is a Killer App!" -

See Musix Pro in action:

Why Musix Pro:

- Learn how to play every major and minor chord in minutes
- Play along with your favourite song without practicing for years
- Learn one pattern and instantly play in any key
- Explore the harmonic relationships between notes
- Play along with your friends without being an expert
- Realize your own personal musicality

What is Musix Pro:

- The easiest way to play music
- A professional musical instrument and midi controller
- A music theory learning tool
- An isomorphic layout creator and experimentation app
- A melody exploration device


- Core / Virtual / Bluetooth Midi, OSC
- Touch Velocity Dynamics
- 8 Built-in instruments (2 New)
- AudioBus Support (MIDI sender, Audio sender, State Saving)
- Hexagonal and Rectangular layouts
- Multiple built-in note arrangements
- Custom layout generation and saving
- Colourize different notes based on key, scale, and mode
- Label notes based on Solfege, or Note name
- Multiple note sizes
- Multiple color patterns
- Note Overlap (play 3-note chords with one finger)
- Full iPhone Support

Works as a controller for:
- SampleWiz
- NLog Synth Pro
- Arctic Keys
- SampleTank
- MidiBridge
- Many other apps and devices


Musix Pro is key agnostic, which means is that once you have learned a musical pattern (like a chord or a scale) that pattern is the same for all keys, even the dreaded A-Flat! Sharps and flats appear in the right place automatically, through the mathematical magic of isomorphism. You can learn to play melodies on a traditional keyboard by playing them on Musix Pro and watching where the sharps and flats go.

Songwriters benefit by discovering new melodies and musical relationships. Novices find it easy to learn to play. Experienced musicians are rewarded with an intuitive interface. Keys can be resized to fit your style - start with "epic"-sized keys, and as you get better you can shrink the keys fill the screen with notes.

Isomorphic keyboards are found on traditional and new instruments, from concertinas, accordions, and "jammers" to Janko keyboards, harmonic-table devices and more. Musix Pro is the only way to access all isomorphic note arrangements in one powerful customizable application.

Musix Pro comes with a set of built-in layouts, each with its own pros and cons. The harmonic table layout allows you to play any major chord by touching three hexes with one finger. Wicki-Hayden makes modulating between pentatonic scales a breeze. Try them all and find one that works for you.

Musix Pro allows you to change the colour of the notes in your layout. You can colour the notes white and black like a piano; you can colour the notes of any scale or mode (like D-flat mixolidian) and you can colour notes based on tone centre.

What's New

Version 2.3.6

- Fix menubar not working on small iPhones

Ratings and Reviews

4.4 out of 5
14 Ratings
14 Ratings

An ergonomic revolution!

Having not so large hands, I have always struggled with the reaches involved in playing the piano keyboard, and have always wondered if there was a better way to lay out the keys. This app really opened my eyes to the possibilities of the isomorphic layout, especially the Gerhard layout. The efficiency in space reduction is significant, as I am able to access 4 chromatic octaves’ worth of hexagonal keys on an iPad Pro 12.9”. I do realize that some of these layouts have existed before on concertinas and button accordions, but this app gives you a lot more options. It also allows you to turn the iPad into both controller and sound producer - one neat little package you can take anywhere!

A few things I would suggest to make this app even more awesome would be to mirror-image the screen, because many layouts favor one hand or the other, in terms of performance proficiency. Velocity control could help with expressive performances. A pitch bend bar option would also aid that. As a person who likes tactile feedback, making Musix Pro able to control the layout of a hardware button controller would make it indispensable. That being said, this app is a fundamentally important tool in the evolution of musical instrument design. Thank you, Shiverware!


False advertising

All features work great but in the iPhone version midi out to daw is not supported. There is no mention of this in the description. Only reason I bought it. A very expensive app for limited functionality merits 2 stars in my book. I suggest thumbjam if you're looking for a midi controller with scales

Developer Response

Hello, Midi out to daw is supported if your daw can accept standard midi signals. What type of setup do you have?


Great keyboard

The new update makes it even better. This isomorpic keyboard is the best thing for playing MIDI notes.


Shiverware Interactive Software Developments Inc.
36.3 MB
Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
English, German
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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