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PhotosInfoPro is a professional photo metadata editor for iPad. Rate an image, add keywords, image headline, description, creator, copyright information or location - all metadata at your fingertips. PhotosInfoPro supports all of the new IPTC 1.1 standard IPTC Core tags except Subject Code and Scene Code and also XMP rating and Exif GPS. It works directly with images in your Photos Library, including RAW images and RAW+JPEG couples imported using Camera Connection Kit*. And you are not limited to any software to handle metadata afterwards: you can export either JPEGs with metadata embedded, original images accompanied by XMP sidecar files or just XMP files to copy them to your RAW files - file name is preserved**. Adobe XMP® is an open standard and supported by all major image processing software.

*** PhotosInfoPro is featured in a book:
*** www.peachpit.com/ipadphoto
*** Sample section: http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=2080039&seqNum=2

*** For a photography workflow using PhotosInfoPro read
*** http://www.creativepro.com/article/ipad-photo-workflow


- Tag multiple images at once. Select multiple photos one-by-one, a range of photos or all of them. Then add metadata to all of them at once. Simple fields like headline or GPS location are substituted by new values, for set-valued fields like keywords new values are added.

- Edit IPTC Core, star rating and geo-location metadata. PhotosInfoPro supports all of the new IPTC 1.1 standard IPTC Core tags except Subject Code and Scene Code and also XMP rating and Exif GPS.

- View complete image metadata including Exif, file name, etc. for supported image types*

- Designed to let you work fast. There are a lot of small performance improvers and smart shortcuts throughout the app. Type first letters of a keyword to find it in the vocabulary then just tap on it to add; to assign exactly the same location to a next image as assigned to the current one just swipe to it and press "drop pin" button - metadata is filled for you, and many more…

- Usable in any photography workflow: export JPEGs, RAW images accompanied by XMP sidecar files or just XMP files. Raw or JPEG, if you export originals you images stay untouched. No quality loss whatsoever. When you use JPEG option the result is re-encoded and you have full control what resolution or compression it will have. Or export just XMP sidecar files and copy RAWs directly from the memory card.

- RAW+JPEG couples support. JPEG is a preferred image format for presentation, RAW is preferred format for export. E.g. you can incase app performance (and gain Exif support for cameras where Exif is not supported for RAW images) by shooting Raw + JPEG small.

*Reading original EXIF metadata from RAW images is supported for Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic cameras. For other camera producers (Sony, Pentax) it is recommended to use RAW+JPEG couples instead of plain RAW images for better performance and EXIF support.

**Only for images imported using Apple's Camera Connection Kit.

What's New

Version 1.4

New features:
- Metadata presets for Creator and Copyright metadata
- Possibility to remove GPS position from an image*
- Last used export tab is preserved
- Creation time can be shown when other overlays are visible (can be enabled in settings, default is off)

- External and undocked keyboards fully supported
- Meaningful error messages & recovery suggestions (no "Global Denied Access" any more)
- When exporting to Dropbox or FTP master image is uploaded first followed by the corresponding XMP to ensure that Lightroom doesn't ignore XMP's that have creation time earlier than that of the original image
- 'Add metadata to multiple' button icon changed to avoid confusion with the 'Edit metadata' button icon
- IPTC location metadata can be assigned when no internet connection is available
- Many other small fixes and improvements

* Removing GPS position will only work when exporting to JPEG. Since when exporting using Master+XMP option the original image is not changed in any way also the original GPS position is preserved in the file.

Ratings and Reviews

2.6 out of 5

17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Kills Photo Quality.

Joshua D.

I made sure to check file sizes and dimensions after I edited a photos metadata in this app and I am glad that I did. I started off with a piece of artwork that had a file size of 1.1mb. After editing data and exporting from this app, I ended up with a file that was 56kb in size and the photo dimensions were considerably shrunken down.

Why the developer of this app would do that to a user's exported photo and not just preserve the original photo quality. Well, it is just beyond me and it makes this application a $5 waste in my opinion and renders it useless to me. I just could not believe that my photo took such a drastic hit in quality and size after export. I started off with a friggin' 12mp 4096x3072 sized image and was left with something just terrible.

If you are at all serious about editing metadata and also preserving the original quality of your work, well, I would advise you to learn from my mistake and pass this application up. Unless you enjoy frustration and wasting $5 that is. I guess I will go back to using something like Photogene or another EXIF editor (thpugh, Photogene likes to put a stupid watermark in the IPTC data that you cannot see when editing and exporting photos from there.)

Very thoughtful design

Chris de CA

This app works quite well and the design is elegant. In a way the workflow is similar to the Lightroom. Once you've edited the metadata of a photo from the iOS photo library, your edits remained with the that photo even after you have closed and reopened the app. Of course this is true only within this app. In reality the true original photo in the iOS photo library can never be modified by any app. This is both good and bad. The good is obvious. The bad is, there is no way to go back to the original metadata easily. It would be nice if there is a way to "reload the original".

Another problem is the "Components Configuration" tag got it's value altered from the camera set "YCbCr" into "Y" in the exported JPEG photo. <UPDATE: The Developer informed me that this is outside of his control, happens when exporting back to the camera roll. Yet another iOS issue.>

Overall this is a very nicely designed app. Please keep the improvements coming!

Has its issues and needs to be addressed before you purchase!


I bought this app to help me when I'm in the field shooting. Not unusual for me to have many, many photos in a single day. I bought primarily for the metadata features to batch label photos, place tags, rate the images 1-5 stars and even geocoding location. Plus I only shoot Nikon Raw images and app can render raw images. This is a great timesaver be able to do in bulk in the field.

However, when I enter the metadata and select groups of photos, the app seems to kick me out of the metadata data entry screens after a short period of time. Very frustrating and a significant flaw. I have to then reselect photos, then go back into metadata entry but I continually get kicked out. would not purchase this app until that is resolved. I Should be able to sit at the metadata entry as long I as need.

Hope the developer fixes this soon! Until then, for the price it's only worth one star in my opinion simple because its not able to perform as I expected for my money.


Dmitri Toropov
5.9 MB
Photo & Video
Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2011, Dmitri Toropov


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