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QuarkXPress – The Best Professional Print and Digital Design Software for Creative Professionals

Output / Export (Print)
• PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 Export
• Direct Verified PDF/X-4 Export
• Tagged/Accessible PDF
• PDF/A Export
• Export as Image
• Export as EPS
• Print as PostScript

Output / Export (Digital Publishing)
• Create Android Single Apps (at no extra charge)
• Create single iOS apps (at no extra charge)
• Reflowable eBook export in ePub format
• Fixed-layout eBook export in ePub format
• Animated HTML5 Publications (progressive web app)
• Responsive HTML5 Publications

Turn your ideas into reality with QuarkXPress. It’s the graphic design software that gives you precise control over text, images, shapes, color, opacity, and it’s compatible with a broad range of file formats. No design is too simple or too complex — and no page layout software gives you more control.

QuarkXPress offers the ultimate in creativity, design control, and professional print and digital output.

It provides Bézier editing so you can remain in one application for page layout with high-end typography and vector drawing. With the non-destructive image editing capabilities, you can even manipulate images within the context of your design, without having to constantly switch to other image editing software.

Design, Layout, and Professional Print Output
Great design, of course, is only half of the equation. The other half is output; the final printed piece must match what’s on the screen. This is ensured in QuarkXPress with print previews, soft proofing features, comprehensive color management, and support for international color standards. When your layout is ready to go, easy-to-use presets for print-ready PDFs (PDF/X-4 certified) make sure output will go without a hitch.

Digital Design & Publishing
With QuarkXPress print designers are right at home and ready to go with their digital publishing projects. You can easily convert content from print to digital formats. You can synchronize content between print layouts, digital projects, and design for different device screen dimensions and orientations. You can even share color definitions, style sheets, and other resources between different layouts. Plus, you only have to learn one skill set to design for multiple media — so you’re more productive with a faster time to results. What’s more, there is no coding required! Create it all within the intuitive user interface of QuarkXPress.

This version of QuarkXPress 2018 Pro does NOT contain the feature to script QuarkXPress using JavaScript. This functionality will come at a later stage.

And it can also NOT export as Kindle (export as Android app, iOS app, ePub and HTML5 Publication are of course possible). Of course you can convert the exported ePub file yourself into Kindle using KindleGen (free download from amazon).

System Requirements
• OS X 10.11.x (El Capitan™)
• macOS 10.12.x (Sierra™)
• macOS 10.13.x (High Sierra™)
• macOS 10.14.x (Mojave™)
• Min. 2GB RAM available solely for QuarkXPress

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What's New

Version 14.1.3

1. Corrected text selection color when highlight color on Mojave is set to Graphite.
2. Fixed scrollbar positioning in palettes.

Ratings and Reviews

Kurt Lang

Superb page layout app for those ready to move on from toys such as Pages.

Are you ready to move on to a real page layout app that…

• Produces documents your printing service can directly open?
• Doesn't convert your CMYK images to RGB (Pages)?
• Doesn't introduce new versions that REMOVE features (Pages)?
• Is a true, professional app that doesn't make you pay a monthly subscription fee (InDesign)?

Then look no further. QuarkXPress 2018 Pro is what you've been waiting for. Currently less than half the cost of a first time license for the desktop version of QuarkXPress 2018 for what is almost the identical app. And those few features currently not available for the Pro, App Store version, are in the works.

Yes, there are cheaper alternatives, such as Swift. But they're cheap for a reason. They don't do much more than the basics of page layout. You're buying what amounts to another version of Pages.

If you're waiting for Affinity's Publisher (currently in beta) - don't. At least, not if you normally deal with the real printing world. Why? If their Photo app is any indication of what you'd get, that's why. Photo does much of what Photoshop can. However, other than being able to export a flattened TIFF or JPEG of your image, it only writes proprietary files that literally no other app can open.

Assuming Publisher's native files will also be proprietary, your printer will not be happy when you send them a file from yet another wannabe app. Affinity will likely get around that by being able to export a PDF of your pages, and that's what you would send the printer rather than the document. That's something, but what if you have last minute changes, and the person who created the document is sick, or on vacation? You can't just call your printer and have them open the document to make the changes there. Then you may miss your press schedule.

Microsoft Word? It's a joke to even consider it for page layout. It has a web layout function that acts similarly to a page layout app, but produces a document that is useful only to itself. It can't create spreads. It has no idea what bleed is. And yet, people send these almost useless documents to their printer and expect them to simply work. Well, they do. But not until the printer spends time making it usable on their end.

These are just a few of the reasons printers practically beg clients to use Quark or InDesign. They get your documents and they work.

Some time back, Adobe tried App Store versions of Photoshop and Premiere. They were dismal and were pulled after only about a year. QuarkXPress 2018 Pro isn't just an App Store app done right, it's every bit as good as the desktop version (minus the few features not quite ready to add to it).

And in case you're wondering, no, it's NOT QuarkXPress Light. When you open this app, the interface is indistinguishable from the desktop version. Any file you create in QuarkXPress 2018 Pro can be opened in the 2018 desktop version and visa versa. With again, the only current catch being if someone created a 2018 desktop document using a feature not yet in the App Store's Pro version. Once those have been incorporated, they'll be fully compatible. If you want to see what's missing in the Pro version, search for Quark's comparison page. There's very little QuarkXpress 2018 Pro can't do next to it's 2018 desktop counterpart.

Join the world of REAL desktop publishing apps.

Developer Response

Thank you very much for your elaborated feedback and great to hear that you like QuarkXPress!


No Javascript, read the bottom of the description.

So I had already bought it, and now I read that you can not use Javascript guys, meaning that you will not be able to stand out if you have practiced and aquired your JS code. Let down, for sure. Yes I should have read the whole thing, but was busy watching videos of the program, and that was never mentioned.

Developer Response

Thank you for your feedback and sorry that we disappointed you. Please send us an email to, I am sure we can help.
Also, as stated in the FAQ, we are working on adding JavaScript also to QuarkXPress 2018 Pro, this will take us a while, as the sandboxing concept of the Mac App Store requires us to incorporate CEF differently. Thank you.

Luke Duran

Powerful, professional design software

QuarkXPress is an essential layout tool, and frankly the best layout app for any graphic designer. With its intuitive tools and “box’ approach to page layout, it's surprisingly easy to add content and elements to a document, and then arrange and output them into a compelling and dynamic presentation. If you’re new to Quark, or haven’t used Quark since it blazed the trail for digital publishing decades ago, you’re in for a real treat. QuarkXPress 2018 Pro is very fast and responsive, with powerful, professional features and precise controls for producing print publications, tagged PDF creation, HTML5 output, and iOS and Android apps. Simply put, this latest version of Quark is the powerful culmination of many years of development, industry-standard publishing, and a responsive, state-of-the-art piece of software that has adapted and improved to changing technologies, and the evolving needs of designers and publishers.

Some specific features of Quark 2018 that I’m impressed with:
1. Very powerful and precise typographic controls. Quark unlocks the hidden features of professional OpenType fonts and gives you access to font and typesetting features in an easy, intuitive way.
2. If you’re well-versed in traditional layout practices, you’ll really appreciate Quark's fast and powerful alignment features, grid and baseline usage, dynamic guides, column flow and spans, and customized, automated features for applying conditional styles for efficient, feature-rich formatting.
3. Quark has a lot of graphic and illustration controls and tools. You can import PDFs, Illustrator and InDesign elements directly in to Quark, and convert them to native, editable objects! Quark has excellent vector, bezier drawing tools, and the ability to import layered Photoshop files and apply all kinds of image editing, gradients and color modes.
4. I really appreciate the powerful output features that Quark offers. It enables me to easily produce color-accurate, precise, print-ready PDFs on the fly. Printers tell me all the time that my PDFs are great to work with.
5. The UI is smart, well-organized, and easy to use. You can have a lot of tool palettes on screen, with all the bells and whistles that Quark offers, or you can have a minimal UI with most features easily accessible with just a toolbar and a measurements palette. I like how the measurements palette intuitively changes and adapts to whatever you’re editing at the moment, and Quark is chock-full of easy key commands to make your workflow fast and efficient.

Some personal information here: I work primarily in graphic design and publishing for print as an independent freelance designer in the U.S. I’m very familiar and impressed with what Quark offers me for publishing. I use QuarkXPress exclusively for a 44-page bimonthly magazine with a circulation of 50,000. I also design and output three other quarterly magazines for clients, all using QuarkXPress as my layout tool of choice. I use Quark exclusively for designing and producing brochures, posters, website mockups, direct mail, stationery, catalogs, print and digital ads, and everything else clients ask me for. Quark is fast, intuitive, powerful, and I can’t imagine, or have any reason to use another layout software app to do my job.

I’m so impressed with what Quark offers, that I have set up a 6-seat classroom in my home, where I teach people how get in to print and electronic publishing using QuarkXPress. I have had numerous students tell me that they find Quark much easier to learn, to use, and more powerful than their experience using InDesign. Save your self hours of frustration and limitations from using layout apps with only limited features, or overly-complicated software that is difficult to use. Quark is an outstanding product, and well worth your investment. Highly recommended.

Developer Response

Thank you for your elaborated feedback and great to hear that you like QuarkXPress!


Quark Inc.
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OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor
English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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