Reflow is a full featured Tablature and Sheet Music Editor that can be used to create your own original scores in a very flexible and innovative way. Songs you write can be played back using the embedded software synthesizer.

Reflow can also import and play any Guitar Pro*, PowerTab or MIDI file you can find on the Internet, giving you access to literally hundred of thousands of songs to learn and practice.

The new Reflow engine allows you to modify your song while it's still playing, for a totally non interruptive workflow.

Reflow can be used to compose and practice any song for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Banjo, and many other instruments as long as it uses Standard Notation or Tablature.

With its iCloud and Dropbox support, every change you make in a session with your band, will be waiting for you when you come back home. And it works seamlessly with the Reflow desktop app too.

This is a great addition to your musical tools collection, at an affordable price.

"Reflow Score Writer is a Killer App! Really well done and so easy to use!"
- (rated 4 out of 4).

- iCloud enabled.
- Dropbox enabled.
- Retina enabled.
- Import and playback any Guitar Pro*, PowerTab or MIDI file.
- Works seamlessly with the Mac version of Reflow.
- Export to MIDI, GP5, PDF and share your files by email.
- Write your music using Tablature, Standard notation, Chord Diagrams and Chord Names.
- Support of Piano Grand Staff.
- Musical directions (Coda, Segno, …).
- Flexible design allowing you to use different scores for each instrument of your song.
- Full vector graphics PDF export for easy manipulation in Illustrator.
- Many Guitar effects and articulations, such as Bend, Brush, Slides and much more.

* Up to Guitar Pro 5.x version.

What's New

Version 2.0.3

- Added C Clefs
- Added automatic item positioning mode by default
- Added option to enable manual positioning
- Fixed wrong accent position
- Fixed text not drawn entirely
- Fixed orientation of stems for drums
- Fixed simile marks were broken
- Fixed drawing of whole rests in empty bars
- Fixed removal of rehearsal signs
- Fixed import of rehearsal signs from previous versions

Ratings and Reviews

Good Notation App

Sax Teacher

I teach music and write originals for my jazz band, and this app works very good for my purposes. It's not Finale, but it's far less complicated to use, which means a quicker learning curve. The layout is logical and the manual does a good job documenting the apps's features. I teach guitar, and the tab notation options are extensive. When inputing chord shapes, the user is given a good variety of options. Drum beats are easy to enter and look good. It offers plenty of generic synthesized sounds (guitar, keyboard, violin, etc.), though not high quality samples. It gives the user plenty of options for notating articulations etc. It does not support input with a MIDI controller. I'm using iOs 6.1.3 and the only glitches I found are that dotted eighth note rests don't display the dot (but playback realizes the dot is there) and the bar-lines randomly go blank (the music will still play). The second glitch could be a big problem if I was in the middle of an extensive project, but it has only happened to me after making a serious change to the display options (such as changing staff options). Usually, closing the editor and re-opening it fixes the problem. PDF export worked great. I haven't tested MIDI export or it's support for Guitar Pro 5 or Dropbox, but I look forward to using those features.

Not so great for drums


The choice of symbology for drums is kind of antiquated. No formatting options as far as I can tell (so you're at the whim of the app as far as how many measures per line). No note barring's a little weird that it doesn't bar eighth notes together into groups of four like other notation software. No way to control this as far as I can tell. Entering notes is easy once you figure it out, though...but cut and paste is not supported so it's a little tedious. App's help window is empty. Three toms, snare (and rim shot which sounds exactly the same as regular snare), kick, open/close hi hat, ride, crash. You're out of luck if you want to specify bell vs bow for the ride, cross-sticking, or if you have more than one crash. No ghost notes or double strokes. Playback is weird...even when it goes past the song, it keeps playing with a weird hissing. And for some reason, my drum track is called "guitar" and I can't figure out how to change it.

Overall, I'm disappointed and wish I could get my money back. This is beta software at best. Giving it two stars because the other instruments might be better, but look elsewhere for drum notation.

Great App


This app is truly a great score writer. The updates have fixed most of the glitches. I hope to see more freedom with drum writing and maybe a Drumline type score (Snare line, tenor, bass midi, ect.) Great app over all, can't wait to see more updates in the future. For the price and convenience this app stands up to finale and the other score writers for the computer. Plus this is an on the go app. There is however a glitch to where if you have a flam/ grace note on the first beat of a measure it won't play it. Small issue. Nothing to make me think any less of the app. Keep up the great work.


Gargant Studios
52.4 MB
Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
English, French, Japanese
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2018, Gargant Studios EURL


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