SpaceCraft is a musical instrument (MIDI, MPE, AUv3, IAA).

With this instrument you can transform any sound into a playable musical instrument via a technique known as Granular Synthesis. With SpaceCraft, you can create textures, soundscapes and arpeggiated rhythms from everyday sounds such as your voice, ambient noise or the high quality built-in audio samples.

Tap the 'Import Audio' button (top left) to record audio via your device's microphone or load a file from your device (access* to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Audioshare etc.). Experiment with turning everyday sounds into unusual instruments. Try recording your voice or ambient noise!

Tap the 'rec' button (top right) to record your performance (maximum 20 minutes).

Supports AUv3 and IAA (recommended to use in the effects slot to allow live input audio recording).

* iOS11 and above provides equivalent folder access to the built-in iOS 'Files' app. iOS10 and below has limited access to folders (no Audioshare folder access)

What’s New

Version 1.1.0

v1.1.0 (the playability update!)
- New MPE functionality (Roli Seaboard, Roli Light Block, Linnstrument and AUv3 apps with MPE-out):
— New!! MPE mode "MPE Pitch": X-axis = pitch bend, Y-axis = fine grain position modulation, Z-axis = volume
— Visualisation showing grain position modulation in real-time
— Option to set pitch bend amount (in advanced settings panel)
— MPE presets added (start with these and add your own sounds!)
- MIDI and MPE are now active at all times (no need to change modes)
— Amplitude envelope is now a dedicated option (envelope can now be used with a non-chromatic grid, MIDI/MPE can now be used without the envelope if desired)
— MIDI channel selection option (advanced settings)
- Scales improvements:
— Loads of scales added (34 in total!) including the modes and pentatonic scales
— Scales can now be used with MIDI and MPE
— Sequencer note grid auto resizes with scale
- Option to transpose sample pitch per-sequencer in range +/- 1 Octave with resolution of 1 semitone
- When saving project in AU host, the loaded sample will be automatically saved (like with presets)
- Parameter automation now fully functional in AUv3 hosts including Cubasis and NS2
- Factory presets can now be selected via host GUI
- Fixed bug where the ‘all notes off’ button sometimes wouldn’t terminate notes as expected
- Now always starts with default state when in standalone mode (presets should be used in standalone)
- All parameters controllable via MIDI CC-in (CC channel can be selected via Advanced Settings)
— CC 6 thru CC 41 = all parameters (XY controls + ‘actions’ such as record and monitor), see website for details
— CC 64 = sustain pedal (both sequencers)
— CC 123 = all notes off (both sequencers)

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5
76 Ratings
76 Ratings
BozoToo ,

Its pretty good, but...

There are lots of grain synthesis aps out now so this one has some competition. How does it stand up? Pretty well. Like most of the grain synthesis aps, the audio quality is quite good. It has the usual features but adds a kind of “playability” that is hard to describe but easy to recognize once you get your hands on it. The new version’s ability to use LARGE audio files (something like 20 minutes long) sets Spacecraft apart as very unique and can be quite useful. So on these points it competes pretty well.

However, its integration into the Audio Units world is rather odd. You must use it as an EFFECT in AUM, for example, while it is clearly a source (an actual synthesizer capable of originating its own sounds). When used as an AU, only one of the two channels is available in any one slot. Being an AU, you should be able to launch more than one instance of Spacecraft. But sadly, that will not work. Doing so results in crashing both instances.

The other major problem at this point in its history is that the ap will not save your work; it has no ability to save presets. However, the developer assures us that this feature is coming in a future release.

If these things were fixed, my personal opinion of Spacecraft would go up to rate it at least at four stars because I could actually use it and really exploit its otherwise very good capabilities.

Developer Response ,

When used as as AU effect you can record audio from an upstream instrument or microphone via the import sound button. This is why it is currently an AU effect.

Also in hosts like AUM just resize or double tap the window title to see both blue and pink channels of spacecraft

ErikSF999 ,

Sounds great! Can't save or import anything on iOS 9 or 10.

I like this simpler-than-iDensity granular synth quite a lot. It is more immediately intuitive than Tardigrain without losing the wonderful unpredictability of granular synthesis in producing interesting, beautiful, arresting, terrifying sounds. The interface is one of the better distillations of granular parameters that I have seen so far on the App Store.

Unfortunately, Spacecraft does not truly support Audioshare; it supports Apple's Files app, leaving users on iOS 9 and 10 with only iCloud for sound import/export. Nor does it store presets internally. Those have to go on iCloud as well. I don't use iCloud, and don't see much point in uploading my samples there to redownload them into a single app when Audioshare has everything already here on my iPad. So for now, Spacecraft is a demo on my iOS 9-running mini. A really nice demo--I hope to be able to make better use of it soon.

SMKartiat ,

Audio Share support MISSING!

This is actually a cool granular synth app. Like most apps of this style, access to your audio files is critical for the complete enjoyment of this instrument. The controls are really nice. The addition of a sequencer really make this granular synth standout, making live performance that much easier.

So why only 3 stars?

True IAA support is MISSING. My audiobus 3 and Beatmaker 3 do not see it an instrument, and sorry but effect “only” IAA is not good enough. Not when you can make some amazing stuff now but can not use it in your AB3 and Beatmaker 3.

But the biggest infraction: NO AUDIOSHARE SUPPORT!

((Where is it?))

This is a granular synth and the first thing you should be programing in is an option to go directly to your audioshare and grab your waves. This should be a rule for EVERY programmer when it comes to developing user sample/wave dependent synths like granulars: get your audioshare protocols handled FIRST. Get that done and out of the way before you even look at posting into the app store.

Roll out the next update with direct to audioshare and I’ll change the rating to 4 stars. Audioshare and true IAA support so my Audiobus 3 and Beatmaker 3 can use this as an instrument gets you all 5 stars. Make this happen asap, please, you got a good app here.


Mark Watt
66.8 MB

Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Age Rating
Rated 4+
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