iPhoto is without a doubt the best tool to organize all your photos.
And now with Sync for iPhoto you can synchronize all your photos on multiple computers, external disks, network drives, etc.

Sync for iPhoto is very easy to set up, simply drag the folder in which you want to create a copy of your library and your done.
You can create exact copies of your libraries if you want to access it from another Mac.
Or, you can choose to organize all your photos and videos neatly in folders for easy access from any device.
Pressing the big START button will start the synchronization.

After adding more photos to your iPhoto library, simply run Sync for iPhoto and in a few minutes, the new photos will be copied to where ever you want.
You can also setup scheduled synchronizations weekly or repeatedly every x minutes.

Key features:
▪ Create backups on 14 preconfigured folders.
▪ Organize all your photos and videos in folders for easy access from media players, Windows, PlayStation, XBOX, etc.
▪ Define exactly how to organize your events and albums using tags. (Check the screenshot to see the available tags)
▪ Create exact copies of your iPhoto Library and access it from other computers.
▪ Combine photos from several iPhoto Libraries by selecting "Organize files” and turning off “Verify on Destination"
▪ Synchronization is fast and efficient.
▪ Scheduled synchronizations.
▪ Filters can be added to choose exactly what to synchronize.
▪ Easily queue slots to be synchronized one after another.
▪ Option to delete files on the destination that no longer exist on the source folder.
▪ Option to start copying as soon as Sync for iPhoto is executed. (useful for creating schedules to run this tool from iCal for example).
▪ Option to write on log files all the operations perform during the synchronizations.
▪ Safely cancel synchronization at any time. You have the option to continue next time you synchronize.
▪ Perform multiple synchronizations simultaneously.
▪ Follow folders in case the name or location has changed.
▪ Scriptable, all actions can be automated using Apple Script.
▪ Resize images to fit your preferred width and height in pixels.
▪ Add metadata to images, such as comments, faces and ratings. (Exif and IPTC, can be viewed using the inspector in for example)
▪ Option to copy only videos, or only images. (Ex. You may want to set up a slot to copy only the videos to a different drive)
▪ Option to copy the original images instead of the modified ones.
▪ Lots of options and yet extremely simple to use.

• What exactly does the option "Organize files” do?
If you want to have a copy of all your photos and videos on a NAS drive, to easily browse from any device, then you should definitely try turning this on.
You can define exactly how to organize your events and albums.
There are several tags that you can use to specify the path according to your needs.

• Should I always use the option "Verify on Destination" ?
No. For very large backups it is recommended to switch it OFF, and possibly turn it ON once a month to clean older files.
Also if you want to mix libraries this should be OFF.

• Is it safe to cancel an ongoing synchronization?
Yes. You can cancel at any time. The operation will only terminate after the current file.
You have the option to continue from where you canceled the next time you synchronize. (In this case, Sync for iPhoto will not verify previously copied files, so make sure nothing has changed before continuing)
Quitting the application will immediately stop all processes. This may cause files to be incomplete on the destination folder. All files will be completed on the next synchronization.

• Will the window's close button cancel the synchronization?
No. It is always safe to close the window. The application will only quit if there are no ongoing synchronizations.

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Version 3.1.1

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Iphotos Backup simplified

I have an older mac and use an external drive as my primary library for I photos. While Time machine does a good job baccking up the main HDD I prefer to have extra copies of my pictures. This application automatize this process. It took a little trial an error to figure how it works but overall its a solid product. I emailed the deveoper with questions and they were very fast to respond and help out.


Just what I needed, great software!

I like to go through yearly and drop my iPhoto libraries onto external drives for backup and in the past used an elaborate script to export files from iPhoto into a directory by year, month and file for access by non-Mac machines. Unfortunately that script no longer worked and rather than reworking it I decided to see what was available on the AppStore. To my delight I found this application and figured I’d give it a try. I am very pleased! There are so many ways this application allows you to build out the directory structure and file names that are output when using the ‘organize files’ option. In addition it has multiple ‘slots’ so I can have all my exports going on at the same time since I have multiple iPhoto libraries. If you organize your photos at all this is an excellent tool to add to your tool belt and well worth it.


Exactly what i was looking for!

I always wanted to take my iPhoto/Photos collection and keep it in sync with a folder structure for backup purposes and in case iPhoto/Photos ever became corrupted (it’s happened before). I knew you can export from iPhoto/Photos but it was a manual process and I would either have to know which changes I made and only export those, or export everything again (over 300gb of photos). So when i found this program i was hoping it would be what i was looking for and it is exactly what i was looking for. I can now setup multiple sync connections and have only the changes sync. If your looking to keep your iPhoto/Photos collection in sync with a file structure, this is the program for you. FYI, its a one way sync, from iPhoto/Photos to your file structure.


Mio Hamano
1.8 MB
OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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