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By The Soulmen GbR

Editors' Choice

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“The app is amazing. An absolute delight to use. Well done.” – David Hewson, Bestselling Author

++ Best of App Store 2015 ++ Best of App Store 2013 ++

Ulysses for Mac is your one-stop writing environment on OS X. Whether you’re a novelist, a journalist, a student or a blogger – if you love to write and write a lot, Ulysses gives you a uniquely streamlined toolset, covering every phase of the writing process:

- A powerful, yet simple text editor.
- A familiar, no-nonsense text library.
- A version for iPad and iPhone with near feature parity.
- A comprehensive and truly flexible multi-format export.

Of course, the heart and soul of a writing app is its editor. And Ulysses is said to have the best text editor in the world. It offers everything you need – from markup to images and footnotes, from links to comments and code –, and it still manages to stay completely out of the way. It’s a beautiful and focused experience, which turns the every-day chore of writing into *actual fun*.

But since Ulysses takes writing seriously, it does not stop at the editor. Its unified library offers unprecedented access to everything you’ll ever write, be it snippets and ideas, be it blog posts or manuscripts. Every text is at your fingertips, and Ulysses perfectly scales from scratchpad to diary to Great American Novels – and to everything in-between.

Best of all, Ulysses offers fully-fledged, no-holds-barred, all-out iCloud sync. Ulysses is available for all your devices, be it Mac, iPad or iPhone, and every connected device has access to everything and anything you’ll ever write. Synchronization is simple, seamless and neither requires third-party apps, nor any kind of interaction. If you got iCloud, you got sync.

And once you’re finished, export is only a click away. Ulysses can transform your text into beautiful PDFs, web pages, ebooks and Word documents. You can copy as HTML, save to the cloud as Markdown, and even publish a draft to your Medium account. Export is as easy as selecting a format, selecting a style, and selecting a destination. Yes, 1-2-3.


“It’s hard to imagine a better experience on any platform.” – Macworld
“Welcome to the future of writing.” – Cult of Mac
“An excellent value for anyone who wants to become a better, more efficient writer.” – The Sweet Setup

### FEATURES ###

Focus & Productivity
- Designed for OS X 10.11 El Capitan
- Clean, distraction free interface
- Markup-based text editor
- Typewriter Scrolling
- Light and dark fullscreen modes, minimal mode
- Hand picked color palettes, easy customization
- Split View support
- Writing Goals (characters, words, pages etc.)
- Comprehensive text statistics
- Full keyboard navigation

Write & Edit
- Simple markup for headlines, lists, comments, quotes, important passages and more
- Easy insertion of links, annotations and footnotes
- Functional markup bar (aka cheat sheet)
- Drag’n’drop placement of images with live preview
- Option to attach keywords, notes and images
- Smart Copy & Paste
- Search & Replace
- Glueing, Split & Merge
- Spell check, grammar check, auto correction & dictionary
- Dictation & Speech support
- Smart Lists

File & Organize
- A single library for all texts
- Groups, intelligent filters, favorites, bookmarks
- Sorting by date, by title or manually
- Automatic versioning and version control
- Automatic, scheduled backup of you text library
- Import of DOCX, Markdown and text files
- Editing of text files from external folders
- Global search, Spotlight integration

Export & Processing
- Export as PDF, DOCX, TXT, Markdown, HTML and ePub
- Publish Story Drafts to Medium
- Share styles via Ulysses Style Exchange

OS X & iOS
- Available for Mac, iPad and iPhone
- Full iCloud synchronization

and so much more…

### SUPPORT ###

Please visit for more information. You can also reach us via or on Twitter @ulyssesapp – we’re happily awaiting your feedback!

What's New in Version 2.5.2

This release further polishes our most polished release and fixes a couple of old and new crashes in the progress. And from now on, we'll never claim a superlative again. Never ever…

For example, working with multiple windows no longer kills the app. Multiple windows, duh.

Also: No sudden termination when closing an inline `code` tag under specific circumstances. Inline code, come on!

Oh, and double-favoriting a sheet no longer makes Ulysses go down as well. Why would you favorite a sheet twice to begin with? Anyway, enjoy!

As always, feel free to leave a review or a rating – it helps a lot! Thank you all for your incredible support! Now go and write…


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Customer Reviews

Not ready for academic writing

I wanted to like Ulysses, and it seemed a natural fit since I do most of my short-form writing in Byword and longer work in Scrivener. But in practice it shows a lot of shortcomings. Markdown is great if you are wriiting a 300 word piece for a website, but in practice I found using characters for formatting rather than as characters constantly got in the way of my writing flow. Pasting from PDFs or any rich text creates extra work correcting smart quotes, ellipses, etc. that don’t transfer into a plain text format correctly. There’s no way to view footnotes inilne while writing. Comments disappear when exporting to Word. Lots of little annoyances that slow down writing in practice, especially if your writing involves drawing together quotations etc. from many other documents in mixed formats. Tried it repeatedly given all the hype & every time I end up moving the project into something else.

Not for writing. Or is it? Wait, what’s “writing”?

This app does nothing to help create art. This is for programmers or people writing blog entries.

Consider that the marketing screenshot chosen to depict ‘distraction free writing’ is a bunch of text littered with hashtags, a box that reads [IMG] and text that is in a medley of colors. It’s as if the paragraph in that screenshot has been deliberately written to inhibit clarity. It’s as if the author of that paragraph does not want to easily reread her or his own work.

Sorry to rant, but this app costs far too much to justify being generically referred to as a “writing app”. I feel they should be more specific as to who this is for, and why. The app description reads: “Whether you’re a novelist, a journalist, a student or a blogger…”. With such a broad definition, the same could be said for TextEdit, Pages, Google Docs, and so on. All of those apps I just listed serve that hypothetical set of users as much or as little as Ulysses. (It’s absolute coincidence that those apps are all free or nearly free.)


Now writing a third novel using Ulysses, and I can hardly imagine using another app now. Ulysses is simple, but not too simple, elegant, and deceptively powerful. It has all the features I need, and none of the features I don’t need. It’s modern and streamlined.

A couple of reviews below mine mention that it’s not for longform writing. I don’t think they understand how the app works. I’ve written 250,000 words already in Ulysses. It does take a day or so to wrap your head around it, but once you do, you will love it.

In the past I’ve used Scrivener, Google Docs, Word, Pages, and several others. This tops them all! Of course, I do still use Pages for track changes when working with my editor before publishing.

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Compatibility: OS X 10.10.0 or later, 64-bit processor

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