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Yoink - Simplify and Improve Drag and Drop on your Mac

By Matthias Gansrigler

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Yoink simplifies and improves drag and drop between windows, apps, spaces and fullscreen apps.
Featured on the Mac App Store in the categories 'Invaluable Utilities', 'Get Stuff Done', 'Staff Favorites', 'New and Noteworthy' and 'New Year, New You'

When you start dragging files in Finder or content from an application, Yoink fades in a tiny window at the edge of your screen so you can drag to it.
This frees up your mouse so you can comfortably navigate to the destination of the files and resume the drag from Yoink's window more comfortably.

For a video, further information and tips and tricks for getting the most out of Yoink, please visit its website.

Here's what customers say about Yoink:
"Essential. One of the few apps I use all the time." - Kraznoff, US App Store
"Simple, elegant, perfect. This is a fantastic app. It works flawlessly". - Benwiggy, UK App Store
"Handiest utility I ever purchased." - Nrgwise, US App Store

Here's what the press says about Yoink:
"Yoink is a fantastic way to enhance drag'n'drop. Highly recommended." - Federico Viticci,
"Yoink is an awesome drag and drop utility for the Mac and is instrumental to me when working with full screen apps." - Jeff Benjamin, iDownloadBlog
"Yoink makes drag and drop easier." - Dan Frakes, Macworld
"Yoink really makes the whole drag and drop process much less stressful." - Whitson Gordon,
"I absolutely love this little utility, it's one of the few I've come across that has had staying powers on my Macs." - James Dempsey, The Graphic Mac

If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to write me by mail at, or on twitter at @YoinkApp or @eternalstorms.
Thank you.

What's New in Version 3.2

Thank you for using Yoink and the great feedback you've been giving me.
Please consider leaving a little review - it would mean a lot to me.
You're cordially invited to visit my blog ( or to follow me on twitter (@YoinkApp & @eternalstorms) if you'd like to follow the development process of my apps or get tips and tricks on how to get the most out of them. I also have a newsletter, which you can sign-up to at
Thank you kindly,
- Matt

New Features:
- Use Force Touch to:
Select all files in Yoink,
Show selected files in Finder,
QuickLook a file (or split up a Stack),
Pin the file in Yoink,
Optional Haptic Feedback when entering Yoink's window with files
See Yoink's Preferences to set it up the way you like it.

For a technical look at how Force Touch in Yoink works, please see these blog posts:

- Shows a warning when files in Yoink are moved to the Trash in Finder
- Reduce Motion setting
- "Show in Finder" now supports more than one file, reflects selected files and files in Stacks
- QuickLook Previews now remember their last position (i.e. the page in a PDF, or the playback position of a video)
- Text snippets dragged to Yoink can now contain images (thanks, Joseph O'L. for bringing this to my attention)
- Filepaths of files in Stacks or selected items can now be all copied to the clipboard

- Performance and Resource Management Improvements:
Accepting files,
Dragging out items,
Clear All items,
Splitting up Stacks,
Opening the "Open With" menu,
less memory when watching for filename changes and deletions in Finder,
many minor ones

For a technical look at some of these improvements, please see this blog post:

- Yoink now reflects changes in the Finder's "Show all filename extensions" setting
- Mails dragged from Yoink work again with all applications. To create an event in Calendar from a mail message, keep the option-key pressed as you drag the mail out of Yoink
- When Yoink is shown on a different screen than the mouse cursor, the keyboard shortcut (by default, F5) summons Yoink to the screen of the cursor
- UI Improvements:
When a file is pinned to Yoink, the lock button whiggles when trying to remove it
When locking all files at once (by holding down the option key), all lock buttons show to indicate that all have been locked
Cleaned up contextual menu (instead of having another submenu, "Show in Finder" has a submenu for multiple files in a Stack)
Updated Lock button icon to make it easier to see if a file is pinned or not pinned
Uses proper font for Asian text, updated localizations
Buttons now don't animate from the side and the icon doesn't animate away when the mouse enters so we don't have a moving target (thanks for your input, walkie1984)
- Improved efficiency for QuickLook
- When a file is re-saved in Finder, Yoink updates its QuickLook icon preview
- When a snippet is added to Yoink, it has a proper filename instead of "Snippet"
- Better handling of text clippings from Finder
- "Combine multiple files into a Stack" now also works with files added from the
- Accepts drags from the Mac App Store on OS X El Capitan and newer
- The preferences window, About window and Splash Screen now all open on the screen the cursor is on
- When editing the list of ignored apps, each row can now be clicked anywhere to select/deselect, not only the checkbox
- Yoink's window is a little wider to allow for a little more text to be shown
- Instead of file paths, Yoink now writes fileReferenceURLs to the pasteboard (like the Finder does)
- Added newsletter signup to the About and Splash windows

Numerous bugfixes.


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Customer Reviews

fantastically helpful

I am lost without it.

Window management in OS X is always a bit of a trick, and it's difficult to drag and drop things when they're scattered among different windows on different Mission Control screens. Yoink fixes this issue easily and simply, by giving you someplace to set things down during your drag and drop operations. You can find the thing you want to grab, drop it in Yoink's shelf, and then click around to find a place to put it. (You can keep them there a while while you compose and collect, too)

Dragging works in and out of almost all applications I've tried, too, and sometimes even better than you'd expect. If you need to upload a photo from Photos to Craigslist, for example, you cannot drag from the application to the browser. But if you drag to Yoink first it forces Photos to do an export, and then you can drag merrily into a browser-based upload button.

Makes copy/paste possible in full screen apps

It is apps like these, that keep me on macOS - you don’t see apps like this on Windows. I have been using this app since it was first released, on my 11 inch MacBook Air. Even though I have since upgraded to a 13 inch MBP /retina, I've become accustomed to using my primary productivity apps full screen. Before Yoink, I would have to take my apps back to individual windows in order to drag-and-drop between apps. Yoink fixes this problem. Here we are several years later, this app is so helpful and feels like a native utility, I can't believe Apple hasn’t hired Mathias to make Yoink a feature of the macOS… Nice job Mathias!

More than a copy/paste replacement

For those of you thinking, “Man, why would I need this utility? I can just drag and drop or copy paste anyway!” Well, you’re wrong. First of all, as more and more of my work is in on-line tools, many of those tools allow you to drag files onto them to upload or otherwise manipulate them… however, you cannot just drag that image out of your browser and into that on-line app, for some reason that doesn’t work.

Yoik allows you to drag that image out of your browser, into the Yoink sidebar, where apperantly it undergoes a transformation into a real file and then from yoink into your favorite on-line app.

That, and my other key usage is dragging that file out of one of my millions of windows I have open at a time, set it aside until I can find the target window and them easily grab it and move it back. Also very useful for aggregating several files from different places for a move into a singular place.

Great tool, zero problems with it, does what it says it does.

Yoink - Simplify and Improve Drag and Drop on your Mac
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Compatibility: OS X 10.7.3 or later, 64-bit processor

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