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Argentinean Palito Ortega's career began in the late '50s, nicknamed Palito due to his thinness. Before getting involved in show business, Ramón Bautista Ortega worked as a dishwasher and newspapers and coffee vendor, a lifestyle left behind after the singer started proving his skills as an artist. After RCA signed him up, his songs were frequently climbing local charts, which also allowed him to start an acting career. While singing his smash "Yo Tengo Fé" and playing a main role in the musical Un Muchacho Como Yo, Palito Ortega consolidated his popularity throughout Latin America. During the 1980s, the artist settled down in the U.S., founding a production company oriented to the local Hispanic market. In 1991, Ramón Ortega joined the Argentinean politic fraction Partido Justicialista, forming a group called Frente de la Esperanza, being elected Tucumán's Governor in September of that same year. In November of 1998, the former Latin pop star was elected senator. ~ Drago Bonacich

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