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Drum tuning isn't easy! This DRUM TUNER empowers you to tune your drums with your phone to a perfect pitch!
Forget the hassle of guessing lug pitches by ear. Drumtune PRO analyzes your drum sound at each hit, and tells you exactly how your drum head is tuned.
Get Drumtune PRO and get rid off the guesswork of tuning drums by ear.Tuning to perfection becomes much easier!
If you have your phone with you, you'll have a drum tuner at hand!

Drumtune PRO is the most complete drummer-multi tool available today.
For a one-time cost, you get a whole lot of bang for the bucks: ultra-fast drum tuner with pitch detection in the widest tuning range out there, a FULL KIT interval calculator, storage for all your tuning presets, a wicked metronome, ...

In short: Having Drumtune PRO on your phone, is like having your personal drum-tech in your pocket.
Drumtune PRO is the only drum tuner you'll ever need!

○○○ DRUM TUNER ○○○
Use BASIC tuner or PRESET tuner.
Preset tuner is advanced. Take your time to get the hang of it.
Once mastered, it helps to understand tuning better and can optimize your sound!

Define and experiment with tuning intervals for all drums in your kit.
Let your full kit sound as a balanced set when playing drum fills over your toms.

Lug tuner mode assists you with tuning your lugs in the correct pattern.
It keeps track of all lug pitch differences, so you can efficiently check which rods have to be tuned up or down to obtain an even head tension.

Store how your drums are tuned in customized tuning presets for your snares, kicks, toms & floor toms.
Download free drum head expansion packs (Evans, Remo & Aquarian) to personalize your presets.
Organize your presets in drum kits.

Experiment with fundamental tones & their sustain for your drums. The app's suggested tuning targets for batter & reso get you as close as possible to your target fundamental tone.
You have all the freedom like when tuning by ear: listen & explore beyond the suggested targets. Tune, listen & tweak until happy!
Use the app to tweak the pitches of your batter and resonant heads to create your 'signature drum sound'.

Once you found your drum sound, simply measure the pitches of your batter and resonant heads and store them in a customized tuning preset.
Whenever/wherever you need to tune again to the same sound, just load your customized tuning preset to precisely recreate that exact same 'signature drum sound' within minutes.
You can now achieve a consistent drum sound conveniently and reliably: perfect for gigs,studio work and rehearsals.

Detect difference between your actual pitch and your target pitch on a clear scale.
See how much each tension rod has to be tuned up, or down to clear all lugs to a target pitch. (In cent & in Hz)
Fine-tune your drum precisely.

Full fledged metronome on-board!
•Odd and even meter selection
•Tap, type or adjust BPM 1-400 BPM
•Upbeat & downbeat sound libraries
•Training modes volume selections
•Volume & Panning settings

> Tune to target notes/pitches (Hz/Note)
> Fast & powerful tuning algorithm for accurate pitch difference detection per 0.5 Hz step. (Cents/Hz)
> Tune up/down indication
> Tuning range +/- 30 Hz-450 Hz

> iOS 10 or newer
> Runs on iPhone 5 & newer
> Will NOT run on: iPhone 4S & older, iPads & iPods

We improve Drumtune PRO based upon your input!
> Email:
> FB message:
> Direct: Shake your phone to report bugs!

Pitches of a drum head tuned beyond the tuning range's limits may cause erratic/'jumpy' readings displayed as random frequencies below 450 Hz.
So, in case your snare's resonant head is tuned beyond 450 Hz, the app may show an erratic pitch below 450 Hz. Don't over-tighten drum heads!


Versión 2.0.16

Drumtune PRO just got better!
°°°°° What is new in v.2.0.16? °°°°

New Features:
> LEFT-RIGHT Switch for panning the audio output channels of the metronome.
More cowbell to the left? When you use the metronome with ear-buds while rehearsing with your band (or alone), from now on you can pan the output to focus more conveniently on the music you play with one ear, while the other ear gets more output of the metronome sounds to clearly keep track of timing!

Fixes & Enhancements:
> RESO mode in PRESET TUNER is fixed.(It didn't work correctly in v.2.0.15 due to a coding error on our side (Apologies!)
> Metronome light syncing on subdivisions optimized.
> Metronome Training modes revamped & optimized for all screens.
> Reported bugs have been squashed, but no animals were harmed in the making of this app update.

If you discover a bug, or have a feature request please 'shake' your phone and report it to us via the built-in reporting tool. We keep on perfecting Drumtune PRO based upon your feedback, so let's cooperate to make this drum tuning tool better, one update a time!
If you have a question about the app, need help, or have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via or via the FB page of Drumtune PRO.

If you like the new drum tuner update, please support the development of this app by sharing your good vibes in an App Store review. It really helps to keep it advancing. Thank you!
Enjoy tuning your drums with Drumtune PRO!

Valoraciones y reseñas

Shadowcalcos ,


Es excelente

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thank you very much for sharing the good vibe! Enjoy Drumtune PRO!

cesarUSH ,

Exellent app but...

Very good app, but please put a translation into spanish.

frequencies from 80 Hz to below do not accept them (example floor tom)

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Drumtune PRO can perfectly detect all frequencies within 30Hz to 385Hz (so also kick drum and floor tom) , but you have to use the app on an iPhone. It is not designed for iPad. Please check it on an iPhone instead of an iPad!
The app is only in English (we're too small to offer different languages), but we are happy to provide support and/or help if any questions.
Please, contact us on the FB page of Drumtune PRO if you need support. Thanks!


PabloSayarUshuaia ,

Amazing app but...

Hey guys, I have to say that I loved the app but I’m having a lot of trouble making it work. Every time I want to tune my drums it’s giving me diferent kinds of hz, for example I hit for fundamental tone, and sometimes it gives me 160 hz and in the next hit it gives me 298 hz, why is this happening? I hace a brand News iPhone 7 Plus, and I don’t know why is this happening, I’m doing it whit your YouTube tutorials so I’m shure I’m doing everything as it should be...pelase! I need help

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hi Pablo,

Thanks for reaching out. Based upon what you describe it seems that the fundamental tone is being overruled by an overtone. This can have different reasons: lets check... As quick usage tip for now: to detect the fundamental tone, ensure that both heads of the drum resonate freely (keep the drum on its stand without muting any heads...) and hit your drumhead in the center, while being in 'CENTER mode' and/or with 'lock target/Lug focus' turned off... Lets take a look together and get you started! Please contact us via or via a direct message on our FaceBook page! We'll be happy to check/listen in and help out! Thank you!

With kind regards.


Bram Van den Broeck
306.7 MB
Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Español, Inglés
Clasificación 4+
© EXALTD CO., Ltd.
USD 7.99
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