About Las Pelotas

Argentine band Las Pelotas was formed after Sumo broke up due to the death of its lead singer, Luca Prodan. The original lineup included guitarist German Daffunchio, drummer Alberto Troglio, bass player Willy Robles, singer and guitarist Alejandro Sokol, and keyboardist Andrea Prodan. Máscara de Sal came out in 1994. A short time after that release, Gustavo Jove came in, replacing Troglio on drums, and Tomás Sussman became the band's new guitarist. In 1995, Las Pelotas were one of the Rolling Stones' opening acts at Buenos Aires' River Plate stadium. A year later, the album La Clave del Éxito was released. In 1997, Las Pelotas participated in a major event to celebrate the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo's 20th anniversary, playing along with the most popular Argentine rock acts. In 1998, the band released a new album called Para Qué, followed by 1999's Todo Por un Polvo. ~ Drago Bonacich





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