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About David Brent

The fictional character of David Brent was created by comedian Ricky Gervais in 2001. First appearing in the BBC mockumentary The Office, he quickly gained attention for his socially awkward behavior and tendency to create embarrassing situations.

Ten years after the television show ended, Brent returned, this time with a charity single for Comic Relief called "Equality Street." Written under the pretense that Brent was now managing an up-and-coming rap artist, Doc Brown -- played by comedian/rapper Ben Bailey Smith -- the track combined elements of rap and reggae in a suitably awkward style. The single became the most downloaded track in the iTunes store in 2013. Later the same year, Gervais devised a web series, Learn Guitar with David Brent, presented as five-minute YouTube videos. Each episode featured Brent teaching the viewer how to play a variety of songs, including a few previously unheard numbers such as "Ooh La La" and "Life on the Road."

In 2016, Gervais expanded on Brent's foray into music with a feature-length film, Life on the Road. The film detailed Brent taking his band, Foregone Conclusion, on a local tour of Berkshire. The soundtrack was released simultaneously and featured a mixture of new material and updated older songs -- co-written alongside Andy Burrows -- all of which were featured in the film. ~ Liam Martin