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A Norwegian extreme metal quartet based out of Oslo, Execration spin dark tales of horror via a punishing blend of death, doom, and black metal. Founded in 2005, the band issued an EP, Language of the Dead, in 2007 before dropping its debut long-player, Syndicate of Lethargy, via Vendlus Records the following year. Oslo We Rot, a split EP with Obliteration, Diskord, and Lobotomized, arrived in 2010, followed by their Duplicate Records-issued sophomore outing, Odes of the Occult, in 2011. Arriving in 2014, Morbid Dimensions took home a Spellemann Award (the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy), and in 2017 Execration moved to Metal Blade and released their highly anticipated fourth studio long-player, Return to the Void. ~ James Christopher Monger

Colorado Springs, CO