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About Oscar Medina

Oscar Medina is a Christian singer/songwriter and producer. His recordings have become a staple in Latin American community worship circles. One of 13 siblings, he was born and raised in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, surrounded by a large family of musicians and singers. His parents instilled in him a love of music and encouraged him to participate in local singing and performing events that were -- and remain -- plentiful in the region's Latin American community. They also introduced him to local radio and television. In 1975, when Oscar was 13 years old, the Medina family immigrated to the United States. That same year, almost the entire family converted to evangelical Christianity.

In 1980, at age 18, Medina wrote his first Christian song, "The Day I Came to Him." Oscar and his siblings Gilberto, Enrique, Martín, Patricia, and Elvia formed the group Los Hermanos Medina, touring the American Southwest and Northern Mexico from 1980-1985. They recorded two albums, Hermanos Medina and Tesoros. During the band's run, Medina became a prolific songwriter, penning more than 200 songs, some of which were picked up and recorded by other artists. After deciding on a solo career, he issued his debut album, Corazones de Piedra, in 1985. After hard touring and more writing, he formed his own Sembrador Producciones Inc., which released all of his albums since 1989's El Poder de la Oración. Latin Christian radio embraced Medina's music, and his concerts and recordings did well. Churches even began adapting some of his songs. El Amor Llegó followed in 1992. Beginning with 1993's Si Tienes Fe, Medina began releasing a new album every two years with a tour in between. Other recordings from the 20th century included Hermano Mío, Camina Conmigo Jesus, and No Andarás en Soledad.

As Medina's reputation continued to spread, his music became a standard-bearer on Christian radio and television throughout Ibero-America. As the 21st century and social media emerged, his outreach increased; the videos he has released on YouTube alone have garnered over five and a half million views. Recordings have continued during the 21st century, but they have taken a back seat to his constant touring and performances under his own name and with prestigious organizations such as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the NACIE Convention, the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, and many more. His own evangelistic Concerts for Peace have attracted hundreds of thousands, becoming important gospel outreach projects and fundraisers for dozens of humanitarian causes and churches in need.

In 2002 he released the chart-topping Ahora Es el Tiempo, followed by the audio/video document Marinero a year later. Medina's music spread to all over South America and he performed there on numerous concert tours. He released Pensando en Ti in 2008, and spent nearly a decade touring and working in ministry. After an eight-year silence, he emerged not with his own album but a duet appearance on Karina Moreno's single "Juntos" in 2016. ~ Thom Jurek