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About Claude VonStroke

Claude VonStroke is synonymous with Dirtybird, the label he founded in 2005 and a cornerstone of the Bay Area’s dance music culture. Both the DJ/producer (born Barclay Crenshaw in Cleveland in 1971) and his label are famous for bringing a welcome dose of levity to the house and techno scenes: From Dirtybird’s cartoon logo to VonStroke’s slippery grooves and tongue-in-cheek details (just check the goofy vocalizing in 2015’s “Barrump”), it’s clear that self-seriousness is the furthest thing from his mind. Having established his bona fides in 2006 with his early single “Who’s Afraid of Detroit?” (a tribute to his hometown’s techno heritage, rendered in plunging 808s and haunted-house atmospherics), he’s gone on to make his mark by filtering his experimental instincts through an unusually playful sensibility: The sounds of actual thunder punctuate the breakdown of “The Rain Break,” an otherwise sunny funky-house jam; “The Whistler,” from his 2006 debut album, pairs puckered lips with squealing sine waves to positively delirious (and hilarious) effect. But VonStroke’s not afraid to reveal his sensitive side: “Aundy,” a 2009 single that was inescapable on underground dance floors, wraps woozy, classic-jungle-inspired toms in glistening Rhodes keyboards, making for the most misty-eyed kind of throwback.

Cleveland, OH
Jul 7, 1971

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