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Singer and guitarist Jim Wolf was born on December 4, 1979, in Norwalk, CT, and raised in nearby Fairfield, thus sparking comparisons to fellow hometown singer/songwriter John Mayer. In fact, weirdly enough, Wolf was first influenced to start playing music as a teenager by hanging around his older brother Rich, who served as the bassist in Villanova Junction, the high-school band sporting a pre-Grammy-winning Mayer in its ranks. Fast-forward several years and Wolf self-released his first album, No Sleep What-so-ever, in September 2005. He supported it locally with gigs at coffeehouses and bars, while also building up a fan base on the college circuit. The following year, a song of his ("Willimantic U.S.A.") was featured as the theme song to the Independent Film Channel movie Heroin Town. Wolf's sophomore effort, the mostly acoustic Stars Never Lie, was issued in late 2006. ~ Corey Apar

Norwalk, CT
Dec 4, 1979

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