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About Passenger

Passenger, the working name of singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg, makes intimate, folk-inflected indie pop. Originally a four-piece, Passenger formed in Brighton, England, as a collaboration between singer/songwriter Rosenberg and composer Andrew Phillips. Rosenberg and Phillips recorded the songs that would become Wicked Man's Rest, Passenger's 2007 debut album, but Phillips parted ways with Passenger in 2009, leaving Rosenberg at the helm. The band's sophomore effort, 2009's Wide Eyes Blind Love, reflected this change with a stripped-down, acoustic sound. Rosenberg's Passenger issued the "fan-only" release Divers and Submarines in 2010, as well as Flight of the Crow, featuring collaborations with Josh Pyke, Katie Noonan, Elana Stone, and others. In 2012, Passenger released All the Little Lights, which featured a more fully fleshed-out sound. ~ Margaret Reges & Matt Collar