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Founded in Freiberg, Germany, indie rock group Tele formed as the 20th century gave way to the 21st. Eventually moving their base to Berlin, the group released its first album, 1001 Suspicions (translated from German) in 2000. Tele released the album themselves, and soon signed with independent label Wallpaper, who re-released the debut, as well as their 2003 EP Tele. The band had built up enough of a reputation by this time to garner attention, some of which came from mega-label Universal, who signed the band soon after. In 2004, Tele released the album Wovon Sollen Wir Leben and followed it up in 2007 with Wir Brauchen Nichts. The band landed a high-profile tour spot in 2006, playing a number of shows in numerous nations in Africa, on behalf of the world famous Goethe Language Institute. Along with album number three, 2007 also saw Tele take place in the Federal Song Contest of Germany, representing Baden-Württemburg. ~ Chris True