Winds of Plague

Originally known as Black December, Winds of Plague formed in 2002 in Upland, California. The band went through a good number of roster changes, eventually settling on Jonathan Cooke (vocals), Nick Eash (guitar), Nick Piunno (guitar), Kristen Randall (keyboards), Andrew Glover (bass), and Jeff Tenney (drums). The name change to Winds of Plague took about three years, and in 2005, the newly rechristened band released their debut, A Cold Day in Hell on Recourse Records. Century Media stepped in and signed the band, with whom Winds of Plague would release their follow-up -- Decimate the Weak -- in February of 2008. The Great Stone War arrived in 2009, followed by Against the World in 2011. ~ Chris True

    Upland, CA

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