10 Songs, 1 Hour 14 Minutes


About Wold

An experimental black metal and noise metal project from Saskatchewan, Canada, Wold are the brainchild of founder Fortress Crookedjaw, and emerged after the demise of his previous outfit, Static Eyesore (an "electro-noise project"), in 1999. Wold got going a year later, and while the project would enlist a number of other players over time -- eventually settling on Crookedjaw and Obey -- the group would remain under the direction of its founder. The first Wold demo was released in 2001, and the band continued to work on more material. That material would eventually surface on the Badb demo in 2003, but it would be the L.O.T.M.P. cassette-only release that would help gain Wold a record deal in 2005, with Profound Lore. The label's first move was to "officially" release L.O.T.M.P., while Wold returned to the studio to work on their first official full-length release. That album, Screech Owl, was released in 2007. In 2008, Wold released their next album, Stratification. ~ Chris True