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About Sarah McLeod

Aussie rock icon Sarah McLeod was born in Adelaide, Australia. In part due to her religious private school upbringing (on track in her plans to become a stockbroker), McLeod did not start making music until her late teens. On a vacation with friends in Bali, she was given her first taste of performance. A few short guitar lessons later she was hooked for life. Her first group got on its feet a short time later under the name "Hell's Kitchen." The band went through a few different permutations before morphing into Superjesus, who would go on to become one of Australia's most notable rock groups. Over the course of ten years with Superjesus McLeod won three ARIA awards and became one of her country's most recognizable faces. In 2005 she set off to pursue her solo career, signed to Festival Mushroom Records. Her first couple singles "Let's Get Together" and "Private School Kid" whet appetites the world 'round for the release of her solo debut Beauty Was a Tiger, which hit shelves in September of 2005. Though the record was successful, its handling caused McLeod to release her next string of singles independently. "All But Gone" and "He Doesn't Love You" hit airwaves shortly thereafter, the latter of which was remixed and became a smash hit in dance clubs from Australia to London to NYC, taking the number one spot on ARIA's Club Charts. Early in 2006 McLeod began performing solo, accompanying herself on acoustic guitar playing repertoire drawing from the whole of her career. The project was such a success that she released a self-titled CD in October of that year, capturing her new acoustic live in concert sound. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez




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