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Boomkat is comprised of the brother-sister duo of Kellin and Taryn Manning. With a slick, radio-ready sound that encompassed elements of trip-hop, urban soul, pop, and danceable hip-hop -- not to mention Taryn's star power as a burgeoning actress -- Boomkat's seizure of the spotlight was almost inevitable.

Born to musical parents, Kellin eventually played drums in rock bands while his sister, Taryn, studied dance and hustled to auditions searching for her big break in Hollywood. After an unsuccessful stab at college in Arizona, Kellin moved to California to be near his sister and mother, but day jobs didn't interest him as much as the primitive beat and sample-driven tracks he'd compose on a four-track and convince his sister to rap or sing over. The duo perfected their sound, even as Taryn's acting career began to take off. Television roles -- Ally McBeal, Boston Public -- and movie gigs (a drug-addicted pal in Crazy/Beautiful, a pregnant pal in Crossroads, a jilted ex-girlfriend in 8 Mile) padded Taryn's resumé, but also exposed her band to some very influential ears (i.e., David E. Kelly and Eminem). While a few demo offers fell through (including one with MCA exec/American Idol judge Randy Jackson), positive feedback from a showcase at the Mint in Hollywood led DreamWorks creative executive and erstwhile Band bassist Robbie Robertson to Boomkat. He was so impressed with Taryn's sassy vocals and Kellin's mélange of street-smart beats, he signed the duo to DreamWorks almost immediately.

Boomkat entered the studio with Pro Tools whiz Martin Pradler, and emerged with Boomkatalog One in April 2003. The duo gained exposure from the inclusion of "Wasting My Time" on the 8 Mile soundtrack, Kiss-FM's endorsement of lead single "The Wreckoning"'s loopy trip-hop groove, and Taryn's appearance in a high-profile ad campaign for The Gap's "long and lean" jeans. ~ Johnny Loftus

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