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54 Ratings
...beentired ,

The Angels???

Yet another, so called "Great/Ultimate/Complete" et al, collection of Aussie songs missing one of our greatest and most influential bands. Even Doc Neeson from the band has commented on their relentless exclusion from Australian rock summations, saying that they are rarely approached for inclusion. An absolute joke, anyone from that era knows that bands such as Mondo Rock weren't on everyone's lips - You weren't going out to see Mondo Rock at the RSL regularly, or blasting them through the car stereo, or reading about their influence on bands from Guns N' Roses to Pearl Jam. All of this is true of The Angels and even Rose Tattoo. Apparently if your "Classic" Aussie rock doesn't appear regularly as a soundtrack for your local Fireworks display they don't rate. I defy anyone to listen to "Face To Face" or "No Exit" and make a favourable comparison to the cookie-cutter aggression of the latest batch of new "Rock". Anyway, I digress, ridiculous exclusion (amongst others) - play safe AM/FM radio compilation, for those who only have a passing interest in music.

Vindaloop ,


Yothu Yindi must have been with Jimmy Little, Archie Roach & Troy Cassar-Daley sitting under a tree with a goon bottle while Richard Clapton practised for his "I'm a true blue Aussie" quiz for the Sovereign Borders militia. Meanwhile, The Saints & Radio Birdman couldn't find the key to let themselves out of the garage. Tragically they all lost their chance to offer anything to this compilation. (Weddings, Party's, Anything were prebooked elsewhere on signing day)

Louise60 ,

Get the convicted pedofile off this....

Not going to buy it once saw the pervert on it...get rid of him.

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