12 Songs, 44 Minutes


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Peter Renzullo


Peter Renzullo is truly Perths folk musics scene unsung ( no pun intended ) heroes . He has an ear most musicians would envy and has been forging a career as a producer , musician for the last ten years . In 2004 I was introduced to Peter who was reasonably fresh to recording but instantly had the concept well worked out and his personal touches and suggestions helped out greatly . This Album is a follow on from his Folklore album in which Peter has gathered some of the finest unsigned artists onto a compilation that sits well with anyone after fresh easy listening tunes . The music is at times sushi raw and honest as the music recorded is done by people who have a real hunger for their art . Most of the artists on this album would not generally have the connections or the facilities to concept an album like this , so well done Peter for doing so . You will not be let down if you purchase this album as it has a quality you will not find in main stream commercial music .

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