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8 Ratings
Lincoln Maurice


I'm quite a fan of Dave Barnes. I've been on board since just before Chasing Mississippi came out, and was hanging out for more of his stuff after Brother, Bring the Sun gave me a taste, and I have to say, this is just as exceptional as the last two albums. This album features some beautifully melodic songs such as "When a Heart Breaks", an almost country-ish ballad, featuring backing vocals by Barnes' best friend Matt Wertz, or like the thoughtful God inspired "Believe", which features New Zealand songstress Brooke Fraser on backing vocals, or the simple vocal and piano (piano performed by Gabe Dixon) on the lovesong for Barnes' wife, the eponym "Annie". On the uptempo end of the scale, the unforgettable "Brothers and Sisters" kills me every time. This song is like Pure Awesome, Jackie Wilson and John Mayer all rolled into one fantastically diverse soul-funk song. I have to address the album's first single "Until You" which is amassing a great deal of airplay in the states, and has been one of my favourite songs of Barnes' since I first had his debut album dumped in my lap in '05, and in this, there's a bit of a remix and some basic aterations, bubt all in all, it's the same soulfully beautiful song as it always was.

Here on iTunes, a bonus track "Adeline" is available. As I have the hardcopy of the album (ordered in from the States) I've only just bought and listened to this song, but it's definitely of the class I've come to expect of Barnes.

This whole cohesive, and yet highly diverse and eclectic album is a true treasure that in the three weeks I've had it has barely left my CD player at all.

About Dave Barnes

Although born in South Carolina, singer/songwriter Dave Barnes spent most of his childhood in Mississippi, where he formed an early attachment to hip-hop but was also exposed to classic soul, blues, and R&B by his parents. He later enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University and began writing songs for other artists. Barnes also played solo shows on campus, and by the time he graduated with a degree in recording industry management, he'd decided to pursue his own music career. Barnes moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and gravitated toward the city's acoustic folk scene. The desire to make more groove-oriented music convinced him to assemble a full band, though, and he did so by adding Justin Rosolino on guitar, Matt Mangano on bass, Ben Shive on keyboards, and Josh Robinson on drums.

Barnes' soulful pop songs won him the support of artists like John Mayer (his labelmate on Aware Records), while the spiritual tone of his lyrics earned some support from the Christian music scene. He remained on Aware's roster for two albums -- 2004's Brother, Bring the Sun and 2006's Chasing Mississippi, both produced by Ed Cash -- before moving to Razor & Tie for 2008's Me and You and the World and 2010's What We Want, What We Get. The latter album became a surprise Christian hit, debuting in the Top Five on the Christian charts thanks in part to the single "God Gave Me You." A year later, Blake Shelton recorded "God Gave Me You" on his Red River Blue album and his version topped the country chart, earning Barnes a Grammy nomination in the process.

Following the 2011 holiday set Very Merry Christmas, Barnes returned with Stories to Tell in 2012, working with producer John Fields in Los Angeles. The singer's second holiday outing, A December to Remember, was released in late 2013, followed a few months later by Golden Days, both of which arrived via Barnes' new label, 50 Year Plan. For his next studio release, 2016's Carry on, San Vicente, Barnes channeled a sunny, '70s-inspired Southern California vibe. A similar laid-back pop approach continued on 2018's Who Knew It Would Be So Hard to Be Myself. ~ Steve Leggett

South Carolina
20 June 1978




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