11 Songs, 50 Minutes


Ratings and Reviews

Congratulations on a Great Album


Fantastic Album to listen too over a meal and a fine drop. Just love to hear music and words that actually mean something. Great depth of spirit shown here.

Justine's effortless and majestic vocals soar once again!!


Legacy of legends -love it. One of my favs!!
Your only compass-beautiful
When we met-incredible. Yours and Mike's vocals together are magical!!!
Dreambound-beautiful! Great vocal arrangements and singing!
These days-soaring. Pure. Heartfelt-my God, your falsetto perfection never ceases to amazing me!!!!
This time-great vibe. Love the "shoop badoop" bvs
Last request-haunting transitioning into uplifting -
Your ability to sing without vibrato with such purity, accuracy and unwavering pitch is both amazing and enviable. It's perfect!! Never get tired of listening to it!! BUY THIS ALBUM PEOPLE!!

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