3 Songs, 14 Minutes



KATIEE is Katie Eastburn, whose work as a singer, songwriter, choreographer, and percussionist with the experimental trio Young People in the 2000s was strikingly different than most of that decade's indie rock: the way the band fused traditional American music with the free-form sensibilities of underground rock on 2002's self-titled debut album, 2003's War Prayers, and 2006's All at Once made for fascinating, one-of-a-kind listening. After the group disbanded in the late 2000s, Eastburn collaborated with artists and composers including Nick Hallett, Ray Sweeten, Jason Cady, and Nicholas Krgovich. In 2009, she also began working on her own music. Having become an RN in the wake of several deaths in her immediate family, she took inspiration from her grieving and healing, and learned how to program drum machines and play other electronic instruments from Sweeten while she was directing a music program for teenage girls. Eastburn wrote and recorded several KATIEE songs in this format, but ultimately recruited a backing band that included Sweeten, saxophonist/keyboardist Jeff Tobias, drummer Jason Robira, and her husband, Jim McHugh, on bass to give the songs more dimension. The first taste of KATIEE's free-flowing music arrived with the single "Passerby" in August 2015; just under a year later, Eastburn returned with her first full-length, Out All Night, which was released by Selfish Agenda in July 2016. ~ Heather Phares