10 Songs, 40 Minutes


About Witch Hats

Melbourne, Australia's enigmatic Witch Hats may have formed in the mid '00s (actually, 2005, according to most sources), but their music scavenges all four of the previous decades for inspiration to forge a menacing blend of post-punk, indie, noise, goth, and garage rock -- all of it underpinned with an insidious pop sensitivity. Nevertheless, the Birthday Party clearly stands out amongst these many influences, and its former drummer, Phill Calvert, was even recruited to perform on Witch Hat's debut EP, Wounds of a Little Horse, which was released in November 2006 through In-Fidelity Records. Once they headed out on tour, founding bandmembers Kris Buscombe (vocals/guitar), Tomas P. Barry (guitar) and Ash Buscombe (bass), were joined by drummer Duncan Blanchford, and, after consistently knocking their countrymen dead in concert over the next year, this same lineup recorded Witch Hat's first proper full-length, Cellulite Soul, in 2008. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

Melbourne, Australia