1 Song, 2 Minutes


About Mike Perry

Mike Perry, aka Mikael Persson, is a Swedish DJ and dance music producer known for the smash hit single "The Ocean." Working as a serviceman for Volvo in the Swedish town of Skövde, music was a hobby that Persson actively pursued in his spare time. Exploring his creativity and a multitude of ideas, he started writing with singer/songwriter Shy Martin and Nirob Islam of the electropop trio Sodra Station. The result was the aforementioned song, an upbeat dance track composed of warm, summery synth work, pulsating electro beats, and entrancing vocals. Stating that he made sure to not overcomplicate the song sonically, Persson aimed to depict the feel and tone of 21st century dance music with simplicity yet surefire positive vibes. Not expecting it to be a hit, the DJ was astonished when the track eventually went viral, surpassing nine million plays in just six weeks on one streaming service, which eventually placed it on their Chill Hits playlist. It shot to the top of the charts in Sweden, while also climbing the Top 40 throughout the rest of Europe. Persson received more offers for live appearances and performed at the 2016 Summerburst festival in Stockholm. "The Ocean" reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. ~ Rob Wacey

Skövde, Sweden