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Bizarre and outrageous, Uncle Bonsai were formed in Seattle in 1981 by three former Bennington College students: Andrew Ratshin, Ashley Kristin, and Arni Adler. Uncle Bonsai were a guitar and three-part vocal outfit who specialized in singing the weirdest songs -- "Penis Envy," "Cheerleaders on Drugs" -- with sublimely angelic voices. During their initial eight-year existence, Uncle Bonsai released three albums, A Lonely Grain of Corn, Boys Wants Sex in the Morning, and Myn Ynd Wymyn, the last two albums being live recordings. During their years together, the bandmembers developed a strong grassroots base in Seattle and in 1988 began negotiations for a major recording deal. When the deal fell through, the bandmembers decided that they had had enough and temporarily split up. Ratshin subsequently went on to pursue a solo career under the name Electric Bonsai Band and released I Am Joe's Eyes in 1990 and But I'm Happy Now in 1993. In 2000 Uncle Bonsai reunited and recorded a live set, released as Apology the following year. The bandmembers came together again a decade later, issuing The Grim Parade, a collection of live and studio recordings, in November 2010. ~ Leon Jackson

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