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About Dom

A lo-fi electro-pop group from Worcester, Massachusetts, Dom are led by a guy named Dom, who prefers not to divulge his last name. Little is known about Dom, primarily since he prefers to pass along dubious-sounding stories about himself and his music rather than offer hard data on his back-story. Dom has told interviewers he's not revealing his full name for fear creditors will come after him due to debts he racked up as a foster child, insists his song "Bochicha" (about his cat, which he claims is an exotic crossbreed illegal to own in many parts of the country) is an unofficial fight song played before each game by minor-league hockey team the Worcester Sharks (the Sharks management deny this), and states that the city Worcester allows artists to carry up to two grams of marijuana without legal repercussions. What is known about Dom is that his primary music cohorts are a guitarist named Erik (again, no last name) and drummer Booby K (an initial's better than nothing), and that they don't appear to have been doing much before early 2010. In April 2010, Burning Mill Records released a five-song 10" EP, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods (also available as a seven-song digital download), and soon the alternative music press was raving about tunes like "Jesus" (about using Ecstasy to get over a busted relationship), "Living in America" (featuring the lyric "It's so sexy to be living in America"), and "Burn Bridges." By the fall of 2010, Dom had somehow convinced Gucci Mane to drop some lyrics on a remix of "Living in America" and the group was on the road, playing large clubs and small theaters on a bill with Ratatat. Astralwerks released an alternate version of Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, just a few months before Dom delivered the Family of Love EP in August of 2011. ~ Mark Deming



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