13 Songs, 58 Minutes


About Th' Dudes

New Zealand's Th' Dudes were among the biggest stars on the Kiwi pop scene during the late 1970s. Formed in mid-1976 from the ashes of the group Chillum, they originally comprised vocalist Peter Ulrich, guitarists Dave Dobbyn and Ian Morris, bassist Peter Coleman (later replaced by Lez White) and drummer Bruce Hambling. Despite soon winning an Auckland-area Battle of the Bands contest, Th' Dudes did not turn professional for several years; still, they gigged regularly, building up an impressive fan base that by 1978 made them one of the country's most popular live acts. Finally, in 1979, they issued their debut single, the hit "Be Mine Tonight." The full-length Right First Time followed, and Th' Dudes soon mounted a lavish New Zealand tour; however, with critical backlash growing -- many perceived them as prima donnas -- and with drug and alcohol problems raging, the group began falling apart. After just one more LP, 1980's Where Are the Boys, ? Th' Dudes dissolved; Dobbyn later enjoyed a successful solo career. ~ Jason Ankeny

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